More Arrests in the Black Lives Matter Movement

Twelve people were arrested in an announced Black Lives Matter rally late Monday afternoon when they blocked Albany Avenue at Bloomfield Avenue, one of the major roads used for commuters leaving Hartford for West Hartford and beyond during rush hour.

There were two non-violent action trainings provided for participants before this latest rally, trainings that were also announced and should have clued in anyone paying any attention that a detour might have been in the stars for Monday afternoon.

In total, twelve activists were arrested and released. All were charged with disorderly conduct. According to Hartford Police, there are three separate court dates:

  • Janee Woods-Weber of West Hartford. DOB 1976. Black.
  • Vanessa Gonzalez¬† of West Hartford. DOB 1975. Hispanic.
  • Catherine Rion of West Hartford. DOB 1976. White.
  • Alan Bedford of Manchester. DOB 1940. White.
  • Susan McMillen of Coventry. DOB 1945. White.
  • Virginia McDaniel of Granby. DOB 1955. White.
  • Joan Macomber of South Windsor. DOB 1948. White.
  • Pamela Selder of Hartford. DOB 1962. Black.
  • Christine Joyner of Manchester. DOB 1947. White.
  • Maura Hallisey of Wethersfield. DOB 1991. White.
  • Arthur Miller of Windsor. DOB 1945. Black.
  • Jason Fredlund of Hartford. DOB 1985. White.

All were referred to Community Court and released on a written promise to appear in aforementioned court, according to Hartford Police.

Here are a few pics from those on the ground yesterday:

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