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To send press releases and tips, or to request permission for use of photos/text, contact Real Hartford, LLC via email

Items of Interest

    • events that seem to have the intention of improving life in Hartford, continue to add vibrancy to the city’s cultures, or have a socio-political aim.


  • Is it good for the Hartfordites? Is this event something that either the majority of my neighbors could afford to attend or something that will benefit the community greatly?
  • Is it something that this audience would want to read?
  • Does it deal with issues like education, food security, housing, or justice?
  • Is it related to the arts?

Items not of Interest

  • political rumors/scandals that do not impact the on-the-job performance of the politician(s) directly (allegedly) involved
  • fetishization of gang/drug-related violence
  • knee-jerk reactionary pleas about every cause, every event, every change that occurs. This is especially true of pleas based on inadequate and/or incorrect information.

Bonus Advice for Public Relations People

  • “Mrs” should not precede a woman’s name in professional correspondence unless she uses that honorific herself, publicly and professionally. The word “Miss” should not be used for a female over the age of twelve, unless you would like to get slapped. Wake up and smell the future. The acceptable term to use is “Ms”.
  • “Mr” is not the default honorific to use. If in doubt, address the person by his or her full name, omitting needless and antiquated terminology that is likely inaccurate anyway.
  • Email addressed to “Mrs.,” “Miss,” or “Mr.” will be deleted without being read, unless we are related.
  • Read Real Hartford before making contact. Real Hartford will not write about your organization in Miami or review the burping cloths from your company based in Portland, OR. See how “Hartford” is in the title of the online news site? That should be your first hint. If your event is in Bridgeport, I will want to know where is the Hartford connection.

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