Frequently, Sporadically, and Rarely Asked Questions

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Answers to Frequently, Sporadically, and Rarely Asked Questions

What is Real Hartford?

Real Hartford, LLC is a hyperlocal online news site focusing on experiences relevant to Hartford residents, especially those whose voices are underrepresented in mainstream media.


Real Hartford began in March 2007. It became Real Hartford, LLC in July 2013.

Where is the objectivity?

Do you want your news from robots or from human beings? 

Is Real Hartford a Blog?

No. We think of blogs as vehicles for opinion and primarily concerned with personal anecdotes. Real Hartford is not afraid of opinion or personal anecdotes, but we are a hyperlocal online news site.

Is this news or editorial?

We actively deploy critical thinking. What this looks like is reporting that portray something in false light for the illusion of balance.

When sources are quoted, the content of those quotes should not be mistaken as being the viewpoints of those reporting. You probably know this, but we have received some emails and comments from individuals who are apparently unable to discern between others’ perspectives and the perspectives of those relaying that information.

How do I submit an event for the calendar?

Provide event info no later than the 25th of the month preceding your event. Submitting an event does not guarantee inclusion on the calendar. Events which are affordable to the widest range of Hartford residents are prioritized. If the ticket price is $10 or more, it’d better be one heck of an event or an extremely worthy cause. If your organization has a “pay what you can” policy or any types of discounts, please indicate this! Events should be in Hartford proper.

  • Have you clearly communicated what the event is? Have you removed all jargon (ex: social enterprise) and language that would confuse that average person?  Our readership is broad, ranging in age and time spent in Hartford. Just because your event has happened every sixth Friday at the chapel for twenty years does not mean that a person who moved to Hartford yesterday would know that.
  • Have you included the basics: what, where, when, contact, and price?
  • Have you given us enough notice? Most of The Rules is worthless, but this one is a keeper — don’t ask someone out the day before. It makes it sound like she is an afterthought or on the B-list. Or that you don’t have it together.

Public Engagements

Here are a few of our appearances:

2014: Revisiting Our Neighborhoods: Stories from Hartford’s Past at the Hartford History Center.

2013: One Nation Indivisible: Where Integration Meets Innovation 

2013: in a cartoon

2012: Spoke about new media to The Conference of Churches

2011: “The Occupy Wall Street Movement: What is it and (Why) is it Important?” panel discussion at Trinity College

2008: Face the State

2008: “Monday Monday” at Pearl Street Arts Center (now City Arts on Pearl)

To inquire about speaking engagements, contact via email.

Can I provide news tips anonymously?

It is not out of the realm of possibilities but we discourage this because it can lead to irresponsible dissemination of possibly false information. If you have a tip, contact us with the general nature of the story and make your request for anonymity. We can let you know then if it is something we will move forward with or not.

What is Real Hartford‘s role as social media?

Real Hartford is an online news site, using  Facebook and Twitter as a means to promote our stories and encourage reader engagement.

How can I support Real Hartford, LLC?

You can spread the word!

You can also donate.

How Can I Get Updates?

You can add Real Hartford to your feed reader, “like” on Facebook, “follow” on Twitter, or sign up for a monthly-at-most newsletter.

Contacting Real Hartford, LLC

Use email.

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