Real Hartford, LLC is a hyperlocal website focusing on experiences relevant to Hartford residents.


Real Hartford began in March 2007. It became Real Hartford, LLC in July 2013.

Is this news? A blog? What is this?

It is what it is. Real Hartford has evolved significantly since it began in 2007. For many years, the focus was on local news. This has shifted as the creator, Kerri Ana Provost, has felt a change in her priorities. Call it what you like, but spell the name right when you tell your friends about it.

Where is the objectivity?

Objectivity is a myth. I am unapologetically human and far more concerned with accuracy of information than with pretending that multiple perspectives are balanced.

Public Engagements

Here are a few of our appearances:

2014: Talked with a class at Trinity College about content calendars and more.

2014: Revisiting Our Neighborhoods: Stories from Hartford’s Past at the Hartford History Center.

2013: One Nation Indivisible: Where Integration Meets InnovationĀ 

2013: in a cartoon

2012: Spoke about new media to The Conference of Churches

2011: “The Occupy Wall Street Movement: What is it and (Why) is it Important?” panel discussion at Trinity College

2008: Face the State

2008: “Monday Monday” at Pearl Street Arts Center (now City Arts on Pearl)

To inquire about speaking engagements, contact via email.

What is Real Hartford‘s role as social media?

Real Hartford is a website, usingĀ  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a means to promote our stories and encourage reader engagement. RealHartford.org is what this is all about, not the tools used to promote it. If you want to bring something to my attention, send email. . . don’t rely on a message through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

How can I support Real Hartford, LLC?

You can spread the word!

You can also donate.

How can I get updates?

You can add Real Hartford to your feed reader, “like” on Facebook, “follow” on Twitter or Instagram, or sign up for a sporadic newsletter.

Contacting Real Hartford, LLC

Use email.