If any of the following policies need further clarification, you are invited to contact us.

Advertisement: Do not currently run advertisements, paid or otherwise.


Anonymity: We prefer to identify our sources when possible; however, if doing so would jeopardize a source’s safety or career, we are willing to allow anonymity. Caveat: if an anonymous source lies, that individual will be named. That caveat applies to current and former members of other local media outlets when they serve as sources.



Provide event info no later than the 25th of the month preceding your event. Submitting an event does not guarantee inclusion on the calendar. Events which are affordable to the widest range of Hartford residents are prioritized. If the ticket price is over $20, it’d better be one heck of an event or an extremely worthy cause. Here’s a hint: tell us, routinely, what events your organization is doing. You are more likely to have your expensive fundraiser promoted if we have any idea why said organization deserves the funding.

If your organization has a “pay what you can” policy or any types of discounts, please indicate this! Events should be in Hartford proper.

  • Have you clearly communicated what the event is? Have you removed all jargon (ex: social enterprise) and language that would confuse that average person?  Our readership is broad, ranging in age and time spent in Hartford. Just because your event has happened every sixth Friday at the chapel for twenty years does not mean that a person who moved to Hartford yesterday would know that.
  • Have you included the basics: what, where, when, contact, and price?
  • Have you given us enough notice? Most of The Rules is worthless, but this one is a keeper — don’t ask someone out the day before. It makes it sound like she is an afterthought or on the B-list. Or that you don’t have it together.

Comments: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Real Hartford is not Congress. Responsible comments are welcome. Those which do not fall into that category, at our discretion, may not be published. I lose no sleep at night over this.

Real Hartford will not edit or remove comments because the author regrets having made them. Think before hitting the submit button.

Contributing Writers: Send a resume and a short note about what exactly you have in mind. Writers should reside in Hartford, Connecticut.


Information Removal Policy: As a rule, we do not remove information from the site simply because someone finds the truth to be upsetting or inconvenient to them.

If you feel you have been misquoted, you are welcome to contact us with the correction.

Internship: Not offering internships at this time.


Media Removal Policy: As a rule, once the photograph or video is published, it will remain on this online news site.

Real Hartford does not engage in paparazzi-like maneuvers to obtain photographs. When I take photographs, cameras are visible. I do not use close-up shots of children without the permission of their parents/guardians. Most photographs of people are taken at public events such as forums, parades, art openings, and the like. When a person appears in public s/he assumes the risk of having his or her photograph taken. A private individual has a right to more privacy than a public figure; children are understood to have an even greater degree of privacy. Those who are seeking public attention, such as politicians, aspiring politicians, and celebrities, understand that they lose a degree of privacy; this is especially true when they participate in events in which they play a central role. Private individuals wishing the removal of their images taken at private gatherings may submit such requests by email. We will respond to inform you whether your request as been accepted or declined.


Promotions and Giveaways

We have participated in giveaways on occasion. This is something we consider on a case-by-case basis. Locally-produced goods or services/passes are given preference over all others.


Reviews: Real Hartford will review restaurants, venues, books, and events. Being granted a press pass to an event or venue does not guarantee positive press – or any press, for that matter – but the gesture is appreciated. As much as I like the price of free, I do not accept free meals at restaurants unless they are being offered to all patrons.

Rights and Reproductions:
Content (text, title, images, logo, photographs) on this site may not be republished without prior permission, whether it is by a for-profit site, a non-profit, or a “curatorial” enterprise. Doing so is considered plagiarism, theft. Photos may not be republished without explicit written prior permission. All material, unless noted otherwise, belongs to Real Hartford, LLC.

This is not my first rodeo. My bank does not allow me to pay my mortgage with “exposure.”

Subjects of Interviews/Articles: I do not show articles to subjects in advance.