NewWorks/NewWORLD: A Latino PlayFEST Opens Wednesday

HartBeat Ensemble –  in collaboration with NoPassport Theater Alliance and support from the City of Hartford and the Greater Hartford Arts Council — presents a four day celebration of Latino/a artists in theater, film, and visual art.

On June 25-27, 11:30-2 and 4-6:30, stop by the Carriage House Theater (360 Farmington Avenue) to view art curated by Nina Salazar of Studio N111 and to pick up tickets for other events.

Members of the Hartford/Ocotal Sister City Project will give a free reading of The Güegüense, a farcical theatrical work dating back to 17th century Nicaragua. This will take place at 7pm on June 25. Continue reading 'NewWorks/NewWORLD: A Latino PlayFEST Opens Wednesday'»

Expanded Seating Options for Downtown

You know how awkward it is to sit on a park bench while balancing your sandwich on your lap at the same time as trying to find a place to put your iced tea, only to remember that the benches are not exactly flat? Anything that touches the ground for a moment is set upon by pigeons and squirrels. And at lunch time, getting a spot in Bushnell Park is not a given unless you want to be seated where you can stare off in enchantment at Elm Street, soothed by the sounds of food trucks.

Now, you can dine, or just park yourself, at one of the red tables set up outside of the Pump House Gallery in Bushnell Park or in other locations Downtown.

The tables are not many, but for a thirty minute stretch in the noon hour, only one table was occupied.

Incoming Superintendent Describes Entry Plan

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By , June 23, 2014 11:21 am

Dr. Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, incoming superintendent of Hartford Public Schools

“I want my [tenure as superintendent] bookends to be about equity,” Dr. Beth Schiavino-Narvaez said.

“It’s not just about surviving. It’s not just about graduating. . .. It’s about thriving.”

Immediately following Monday’s press conference to unveil Schiavino-Narvaez’s entry plan, she met with the transition team.

Larry Leverett, a former superintendent and Assistant State Commissioner of Education, is the chair of that eleven-member team, which also includes Jennifer Allen, Paula Altieri, Andres Alonso, Richard Lemons, Sheryl Petty, Enid Rey, Kelvin Roldan, Maree Sneed, Jonathan Swan, and Robert Villanova. Continue reading 'Incoming Superintendent Describes Entry Plan'»

Place this Place

If you know where in Hartford this is, leave a comment below

Parkville’s Park Re-Opened

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By , June 22, 2014 10:36 pm


Kids jamming with the Hartford Hot Several

George Day Park, Parkville’s only park, had its grand re-opening on Saturday. The event featured music from Cuban conga player, Pedrito Martinez, along with the Hartford Hot Several. The water features were on. Food and refreshment trucks lined the streets that had been closed to traffic for the afternoon. Continue reading 'Parkville’s Park Re-Opened'»

Scenes from the Sidewalk: Smell of Success

A total of four baby skunks were spotted on the Trinity College campus this weekend; two were camera-shy.

Milner School Free of Charter Management

The questions were not widely asked when Hartford Public Schools originally agreed to let Jumoke/FUSE manage the Milner School, but a closer look at the administration two years into the three-year deal has led to a contract termination.

The Milner School, part of the Commissioner’s Network, will return to full control by the Hartford Public Schools effective July 1st.

Jumoke Termination Release 6-21-14

City Document Claims Stadium No Impact on Supermarket

Despite the Hartford Community Loan Fund’s announcement that it was not going to continue pursuing the opening of a grocery store in Downtown North because developers and other partners felt the proposed stadium changed the nature of the environment this market would be in, a document issued to City employees this week claims otherwise.

Though other developers stepping in is a possibility, the HCLF has said that the City came to them years ago with the specific Downtown North area in mind. Research was conducted to find community-oriented partners who have experience and competence in working with urban markets.

The HCLF met with the City before the release of this document and let officials know that they could not move forward in that location so long as the stadium would be there.

BallPark June18 REV

This document also includes a hand-picked selection of news articles and opinion pieces that promote the stadium; articles containing serious questions about funding have not been included.

There have been concerns voiced by some in the community that “misinformation” about the stadium has been floating around. Real Hartford could not get questions answered at the press conference, nor were questions answered by later attempts to reach Segarra or Deller.


Ramp Season

Most of the concrete has been poured at Heaven, a skate park located in the northern area of Downtown.

There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony here at noon on July 12th Continue reading 'Ramp Season'»

No Shoprite for Downtown North Due to Stadium

A Shoprite projected to employ 30-40 full-time workers and up to 250 part-timers is now off the table for 1212 Main Street.

A message from the Hartford Community Loan Fund says that “the [Downtown North] district in general and the 1212 Main Street address specifically identified for the project by the City were no longer appropriate locations given the City’s recently announced plans to build a minor league baseball stadium on the parcel immediately to the north at 1214 Main Street.

At the request of City officials, the HCLF had been working on what it described as a mixed-use project “to include both affordable and market rate housing units over the supermarket, along with ground-level retail space for other community health-related partners, café/restaurant space, and parking” since September 2011 when the Market at Hartford 21 closed. This project was to be anchored by Shoprite.

Hartford Community Loan Fund, with help from the Community Development Financial Institution Fund, connected with UpLift Solutions, a nonprofit consulting firm that supports increased access to healthy and affordable foods. Rex Fowler of the HCLF says that “Uplift and its founder Jeff Brown have worked closely with HCLF and Torna-Shoprite in assessing the local marketplace,” as well as with “developing a sustainable model for the proposed Hartford store. ”

A 2012 study showed that $40 million is spent by Hartford residents on groceries, each year, outside of the city. While downtown itself could not support a  50,000-60,000 sf grocery store, one could be sustained by shoppers from the combination of downtown and the seven neighborhoods surrounding.

Hartford Food System partnered with this project in 2013. There was interest from La Cocina, a culinary training program operated by the Chrysalis Center. There was to be a small walk-in health clinic within the market, along with an on-site nutritionist. Continue reading 'No Shoprite for Downtown North Due to Stadium'»

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