Scenes from the Sidewalk: Flora

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By , November 15, 2014 9:00 am

Dandelion, taped to a bench with a banana sticker.

No Typecasting for Sea Tea Improv with Gutenberg!

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By ,

There are no words.

Or, many: grape juice, biscuits, pencil, cat face, rosary helicopter, singing rats, Hamlet, medicine.

Gutenberg! The Musical!  is a high energy, out of control spoof on musicals, with actors wearing numerous hats in rapid fire and at times, nearly simultaneously. Want the number of characters? Ask someone else. I lost count.

This is a scripted and improved, play-within-a-play. It’s historical fiction, with the emphasis on fiction. Don’t show up expecting to learn the truth about Johannes Gutenberg, German inventor of the printing press– beyond those two facts, what you will get is a few hours of hilarious speculation on the man whose inventions gave the Middle Ages a kick in the pants, launching the culture toward the Early Modern Period. Continue reading 'No Typecasting for Sea Tea Improv with Gutenberg!'»

Facelift for Minuteman Park

By , November 14, 2014 8:38 am

If you have not been in the area for awhile, you might have missed the bulldozing of Minuteman Park. The spot near the State Armory and Legislative Office Building has had benches removed and planters leveled. Continue reading 'Facelift for Minuteman Park'»

Identifying Lanes

By , November 13, 2014 12:53 pm

The highly visible green lanes on Broad Street have just gotten more paint, this time to identify how they should be used.

Committee of Inquiry Formed to Investigate Election Day Problems

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By , November 12, 2014 10:14 pm

Day Pitney, LLP and Shipman & Goodwin, LLP have been named as those offering pro-bono legal counsel to the “Committee of Inquiry.” Council President Shawn Wooden, who is employed by Day Pitney, will be sitting on this committee, though a press release issued Wednesday afternoon claims he will be a non-voting member.

Others on this committee to investigate the 2014 Election Day issues: Majority Leader Alex Aponte, Minority Leader Joel Cruz, Jr, Raul de Jesus, Cynthia Jennings, and David MacDonald. All are City Council members. Continue reading 'Committee of Inquiry Formed to Investigate Election Day Problems'»

More Elections Results from Hartford

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By , November 10, 2014 8:21 am

Days after the polls closed, more election results have been filed.


Some things to notice: Continue reading 'More Elections Results from Hartford'»

Place this Place

Photo submitted by Justin Eichenlaub

If you know where this is, leave a comment below

Bicycle Race Transforms Colt Park

By , November 8, 2014 5:18 pm

The western side of Colt Park became a course for the Veterans Memorial Cyclocross Race on Saturday. Continue reading 'Bicycle Race Transforms Colt Park'»

2014 Holiday Giving Guide

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By ,

Jewelery at the Connecticut Historical Society / Photo courtesy of Connecticut Historical Society


We know that there is now something called “Giving Tuesday,” but this is scheduled for after Black Friday. Strange for charity to be conceived of as something we do with the remainder of our money. Hartford offers many opportunities for charitable giving. Here are a few ideas:

State Elections Enforcement Commission Record of Registrars’ Issues

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By , November 6, 2014 11:01 am

Before Mayor Segarra and Councilperson Wooden’s vow to investigate Tuesday’s missing voter lists, there were other complaints filed with the SEEC against the Democratic Registrar of Voters.

In 2013 a complaint was filed against the Office of the Registrars of Voters for failing to record and report votes for registered write-in candidates. These write-in votes were cast at District 5 and 11 polling places. A recount showed that the complete tally of write-in votes was not originally reported.

The Hartford Registrars of Voters were told by the SEEC then to take extra care when recording and transmitting the write-in votes during future elections. That order was issued in February 2014.

A complaint in 2012 against the Democratic Registrar of Voters was dismissed. In that matter, “the Complainant alleges that Marc DiBella submitted five petition pages to the Respondent [HROV] on January 23, 2012, but that the Respondent did not validate and return those pages to the Hartford town clerk until March 6, 2012, the date of the town committee primary.”

The records show that at the time the Registrar of Voters or Town Clerk’s office was not time-stamping documents; the SEEC said that the Town Clerk’s office should begin to better track records of documents, but with insufficient evidence, could not determine if the Democratic Registrar of Voters had actually delayed returning those documents. This matter was dismissed in April 2013.

Also in 2012 Continue reading 'State Elections Enforcement Commission Record of Registrars’ Issues'»

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