When Privilege and Lack of Creativity Meet…

…you get more underage kids with fake i.d.’s busted in a bar.

If they get the reprimand that the kids from Temptation got, they will not have learned anything. Writing an essay about alcohol abuse? If they had fake i.d.’s, what’s to stop them from yanking a pret-a-porter essay off the internet and passing it in as their own?

Hard time is not the answer, but more of an intervention should be attempted. Just reading materials about alcohol abuse is not going to have any power over them, since most students either don’t bother to read, or have insufficient comprehension.


In a totally predictable fashion, Mayor Eddie Perez announced his campaign. And just as predictably, the Courant runs its usual laudatory crap that lacks an ounce of critical thinking.

Sure, they mention his opponents, but then totally detract from any issues by instead picking up on mudslinging and allowing for a repeating a a certain phrase. During recent presidential campaigns, the media used terms like “flip-flopper” to erode a candidate’s credibility. So, the word this season seems to be “negativity.”

Lest you think Mayor Perez is all sunshine and flowers, ask someone who lives here. There’s cronyism and enormous wastes of taxpayer money instead.

Holding Democrats Accountable

on April 20th, people will be practicing their First Amendment rights by protesting outside of the Connecticut Convention Center at 100 Columbus Boulevard when Democrats converge for the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner.

One press release on the planned action states:

The Democratic Party has managed to successfully ride the wave of opposition to the policies of the Bush administration. And yet, all they can offer us is a non-binding resolution to express their disapproval for an EXPANSION of this inhuman, deadly, unprovoked conflict. The monstrosity of Guantanamo Bay continues unchallenged; innocent civilians, citizen and undocumented alike, are still being indefinitely detained; and after four years they’re still telling us the troops will be pulled out “next year.”

Nancy Pelosi, will be the guest speaker at the dinner.

One of the planned protests involves a march from Bushnell Park to the convention center, beginning at 4:30 at the east side of the park. The action has been planned as a peaceful protest.

Analysis of Hartford’s Renewal

In the Hartford Undercurrent journal expected to get to press this month, local writers will investigate Hartford’s urban renewal–then and now. Additionally, the journal will include a comparison chart for many of the new rental units, luxury and otherwise. Additionally, there is expected to be a look at the new publications that have been appearing in Hartford lately, all of which are thought to be catering to the population that revitalization people are attempting to attract.

Contributing writers are historians, community activists, and city residents.

Town Profile Information

CERC provides a clear database of information pertaining to demographics, economics, education, government, housing, labor, and quality of life. You can compare/contrast towns’ statistics with each other and to county and state averages. This is very useful to have when analyzing issues, such as discrepancies between cities and surrounding towns. For instance, the poverty rate in Hartford is at 30.6%. Compare that to 4.5% in the neighboring West Hartford, and 2.2% in Simsbury.

Labor Action Monday

A protest of immigration raids is slated for the morning of Monday, April 2nd at 8:30 in front of the Federal Building on Main Street in Hartford. The action intends to show support for the eleven Ecuadorian day laborers who were arrested in Danbury by a federal agent.

New Britain-Hartford Busway

Private ownership of vehicles is an environmentally detrimental luxury that not everyone has. Recognizing that both eco-conscious and poorer people have transportation needs, plans for the New Britain-Hartford Busway are expected to move forward this Friday. Who will use this? CERC puts the number of people commuting into the city at 37,720, and that’s only from the closest surrounding towns. That does not count the number commuting from Hartford to work elsewhere. Hopefully, public interest will defeat selfish desires and tempt many of those thousands to take advantage of improved public transportation.

Drug Problem Rooted Elsewhere

Occasionally, even the worst reporting hints that the city’s drug problem is not entirely its own. In a recent story, two people were busted in West Hartford after buying narcotics in Hartford. One was from Bristol, another from Rockville. In all of the demonization of Hartford, we rarely hear about how the crime goes both ways.

Major Substance-Bust in Hartford

Over 100 children were arrested for underage drinking at a downtown club. The Courant only says it was at 81 Asylum. A google search shows that is the location of Fuel nightclub.

Finally, the police are sending the right message: We’re not going to tolerate illegal drug or alcohol use, no matter who is using it, whether you’re a city resident or a privileged college student.

Edit to Add: According to WFSB, it was at Club Temptation, which is called Temptations elsewhere.

A Greener Hartford?

East Coast Greenway – The Council adopted a resolution that 1) supports the City of Hartford taking the lead in exploring opportunities to connect the city to the East Coast Greenway, 2) encourages the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) to integrate the city’s bicycle path network and open space and conservation plan into the MDC’s Clean Water Project and drainage improvements, and 3) asks the Mayor to appoint an ad hoc task force to develop a plan for bicycle improvements in the city, including a link to the Greenway. The East Coast Greenway is a multi-use trail, currently under development, that will extend from Maine to Florida. (Item #44)

While the Council approved these resolutions, the Hartford Greens met a few days later to discuss possible candidates, a proposed change in their by-laws, and to craft a questionnaire that would find out what the people really would like to see on the agenda.