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By , March 18, 2015 7:17 pm

The City of Hartford has released its survey for the Free Movies After Dark series. Let them know what you want.

Coming Soon: Interviews with Mayoral Candidates

Later this week Real Hartford will publish the series of pieces resulting from interviews with the serious mayoral candidates.

What is considered serious?

That does not mean having the backing of a party, clout, or fundraising prowess. It’s simple: the individual has announced that he — and so far, only men are participating — is running for mayor and his campaign has online representation, whether it be a website, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

“Candidates” who have not yet announced and are only rumored to be running do not give the impression that they have the basic decision-making skills necessary for the job.

We invited candidates to be in touch with Real Hartford, and some who are only rumored to be running, did not make contact then.

What is the process?

When we announced that we would be doing these interviews, two of the four reached out directly, establishing some communication.

We went through the standard avenues first: contact campaign manager, ask to arrange meeting. Two of the candidates responding immediately — one himself, and one through the manager. Of those two, one uses a form on a website; the other just has a Facebook page.

The campaign manager of another did not respond quickly, so we took a secondary route and were instantly able to move ahead. Knowing who is even involved in the campaign proves useful.

A fourth — communication there is still wanting. In that case, the campaign manager did not respond, but then we learned that there was a change in staff so we tried again. This was acknowledged within hours, but has yielded nothing despite several follow up messages over the course of several days. After feeling like we were being strung along, we gave a reasonable deadline and that went flashing by.

The Questions

Through social media and our mailing list, we asked readers to tell us what they wanted to know. Our readers are primarily Hartford residents, voters, so this approach seemed more logical than leaving a candidate’s potential future constituents to be told about issues that were less relevant to their lives. We re-worded to streamline some questions, grouped others together, and then added a few of our own. Each candidate was asked very similar questions, with a few wild cards thrown in.

They were not given questions in advance, though candidates who happen to read Real Hartford and pay attention to comments may have known what was coming. Nothing was presented as a “gotcha” question. There will be debates later in the season, but for now, we just wanted to hear what they had to say for themselves in a non-combative situation.

Road Closures on Sunday

A number of streets will be closed on Sunday due to the O’Hartford 5K.

From 10-3, Trumbull Street (Asylum to Jewell) and Pearl Street (Ann to Trumbull) will be closed.

From 10-1:30, Trumbull Street from Church to Asylum will shut down to traffic.

From 12:30-2, these streets will be impacted:

  • Pearl
  • Jewell
  • Main (Pearl to Park)
  • Park (Main to Park Terrace)
  • Park Terrace (Park to Capitol Avenue)
  • Capitol (Park Terrace to Trinity Street)
  • Trinity Street (Capitol to Ford)

Place this Place

By , March 16, 2015 8:19 am

If you know where this is, leave a comment.

Campaigning Season Grinds On

By , March 11, 2015 7:24 pm

While Pedro Segarra’s campaign is getting some heat for its Twitter account allegedly automatically following anyone that follows it, this is not the first time that interesting choices have been made involving social media and this campaign.

A fundraiser was previously promoted using Grindr, an app that essentially functions more like Tinder, than say, Facebook or Twitter, in that it is designed specifically for dating, finding a husband, or more commonly, hooking up.

(Those now going to look up that site, brace yourselves for the barrage of shirtless men who apparently have time to go to the gym and get tans.)
Continue reading 'Campaigning Season Grinds On'»

Various Omissions and Unsubstantiated Claims in the State of the City Address

By , March 9, 2015 7:42 pm

There were few surprises in the mayor’s State of the City address, from the nod to deceased firefighter Kevin Bell to the praise for the baseball stadium.


In his speech, Segarra claimed that the $700,000 spent renovating the previously neglected Goodwin Park Golf Course “drives local tourism.” This claim was unsubstantiated with evidence. Noting money spent to improve Keney Park, Segarra said that $4M of CIP funds would go toward club house improvements.


He said there would be 80 new units at Nelton Court “after many delays,” but did not indicate the cause of those delays. Work on that was supposed to have been completed in April 2013, putting this over 2.5 years behind schedule if these complete by the new deadline in October. (Spoiler: Continue reading 'Various Omissions and Unsubstantiated Claims in the State of the City Address'»

Place this Place

If you know where this is, leave a guess in the comments.

The person with the first, most accurate answer, wins.

Man Struck, Killed by Vehicle

A motorist, who, according to police appeared to be intoxicated, struck a pedestrian with the SUV, killing him, on Sunday evening.

The victim has been identified as Frank Morales, 38, of Hartford. He was pronounced at St. Francis.

The investigation is ongoing, but in addition to the deceased, the yet-to-be-named motorist operating a 2001 Chevy Blazer appears to have struck a parked vehicle and run a red light at the intersection of Albany and Edwards where Morales was hit as he exited a convenience store.

Witnesses and those with information are asked to contact the Hartford Police Department: (860) 757-4000.

Zoning: How Much is Too Much?

By , March 6, 2015 7:35 am

If the Planning, Economic, Development and Housing Committee gives it a thumbs’ up, it looks like Mayor Segarra’s reappointment of Sandra Bobowski to the Planning & Zoning Commission will pass on through Court of Common Council.

This will extend the Terry Road resident’s tenure on the PZC from twenty years to 24.

The push for her reappointment following such a long tenure gives the impression that no potential commissioners are lining up for service, but that is inaccurate. Continue reading 'Zoning: How Much is Too Much?'»

What’s Next for Moylan?

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By , March 2, 2015 1:23 pm

Though the Board of Education previously voted to allow for Moylan Montessori to move beyond city limits, permanently, it now seems that the push to find a Hartford location for it has been revived, with Thom Deller reportedly looking into four or five sites.

Now, the Luke Bronin campaign is questioning the delay in finding an appropriate permanent home for the school. Bronin says, ““The City of Hartford has known for years that Moylan Montessori needed a new home, but kicked the can down the road year after year — and then decided that there was no option but to move this quality, local public school to West Hartford. ”

The majority of students attending Moylan Montessori live in the Behind the Rocks neighborhood, not exactly neighboring the site voted for on North Main in West Hartford.

Bronin says, “This is a moment for leadership, and I urge the Mayor to identify a specific, suitable site before it’s too late to keep Moylan in Hartford – and before Hartford loses a quality local school.”

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