Salvation Army Shelter Saved…This Season

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By , September 9, 2014 10:40 am

In August it came to light that the budget for the Salvation Army’s Marshall House had been cut. Conversations on restoring that funding appeared to be going nowhere in City Hall, but once the issue was given local media attention, there was a rush to find ways to move money around. What kind of city would Hartford be if it cut the funding for one of the few shelters that serves women and families, and acts as a no-freeze shelter on especially cold days?

The promise to restore funding was made official at Monday’s City Council meeting when the transfer of $100,000 from the Sundry Account to the Department of Health & Human Services was passed.

Speed of Capital Improvement Projects

By , September 8, 2014 9:57 pm

In July we took the City’s temperature on how Capital Improvement Project funds were being used. Two months later, we are taking another look.


Previously, it was said that the Pope Park pond restoration work would begin in September. The latest information is that the plan now is only to dredge it and to go with the lowest bid. Still waiting on official word regarding the status of the restoration of ponds at Goodwin Park and Bushnell Park, but we hear that work on the latter should begin later this month. It’s suspected that the problem with the Bushnell Park pond is related to piping and its lining.

Goodwin Park

Work seems to have stalled, then resumed, and then slowed at Pope Park North (Baby Pope) over the summer. One City source said that the spray pool and playground construction would be completed by May, and a sign at the site said July. At the beginning of July, some playground equipment, picnic tables, and benches were in place, but the spray pool was never on during the school summer vacation. The border fence remains to be installed. Grass seed was spread, but never appeared to be watered. The only signs of movement on the site have been some work to the sidewalk surrounding. With children back in school, the $570,000 renovations remains unfinished. Continue reading 'Speed of Capital Improvement Projects'»

Place this Place

Photo by Christopher Brown

If you know where in Hartford this is, leave a comment below. First person to respond with the most accuracy is the winner for the week. Continue reading 'Place this Place'»

Scenes from the Sidewalk: Beware of Lions

By , September 7, 2014 2:28 pm

New and Coming Soon

Downtown’s restaurant choices have just expanded.

Tap 88 Bar & Lounge

The Tap 88 Bar & Lounge on Pratt Street: Coming Soon Continue reading 'New and Coming Soon'»

College Students Spend Day Volunteering Around Hartford

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By , September 6, 2014 5:02 pm

Members of Trinity’s Chapel Council at the Ebony Horsewomen site

Trinity College students, faculty, and alumni volunteered at various sites throughout Hartford on Saturday as part of the 16th annual “Do It Day.”

Members of Trinity’s Chapel Council got an early start to the day by adding some fresh paint at the Ebony Horsewomen site on Vine Street, next to Keney Park. Two other groups from the college worked alongside the Blue Hills Civic Association and Friends of Keney Park to clean up areas of Keney Park. Continue reading 'College Students Spend Day Volunteering Around Hartford'»

$15 and a Union and 13 Arrests

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By , September 5, 2014 4:16 pm

Photo courtesy of Andy Hart/Hartford News

If you were in the vicinity of Grand and Broad or the Washington Street McDonald’s on Thursday morning you would have been unable to miss the large police presence.The Hartford Police Department arrested thirteen of the approximately 100 protestors in the Frog Hollow and South Green neighborhoods. Continue reading '$15 and a Union and 13 Arrests'»

Vigil Planned for Jillian

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By ,


Continue reading 'Vigil Planned for Jillian'»

Grid Interrupted: Disputed Territories

By , September 4, 2014 6:15 pm

from Hartford GIS Open Data

from Hartford GIS Open Data

In 2011 following the October snowstorm, the Town of Windsor had Violet Street, Sunset Street, and West Service Road on its plow route. The 2013 snow operations map for Hartford said that the City is responsible for plowing all of Violet, Sunset, and Midland. Trash collection is partially done by Hartford, partially by Windsor. Children from a few houses on these streets would go into the Windsor Public Schools, namely Oliver Ellsworth and JFK.

The divisions are not made on a north or south side of Violet and Sunset, nor are they at intersections. Streams or ridges do not create any natural boundary. It does not seem to follow a treeline. Only one part of this section’s boundary is based on something organic, like where a stream meets a pond, but with the development of the highway in 1952, this is not even obvious. As for everything else, it appears that the boundary cuts through Continue reading 'Grid Interrupted: Disputed Territories'»

Random Facts from Open Data: Substance Arrests

By , September 2, 2014 11:41 am

Data can be deceptive. There is a constant parade of listicles published claiming that ten places are the most dangerous, unfriendly, depressing, or whatever adjective the creators believe will get people to click. Information is powerful and when presented without care, can be wielded as a weapon, the kind that can solidify stereotypes.

This map shows arrests in Hartford from January through August 2014, using HartfordData information. All that we can definitely know from looking at this is that these are the places where people have been caught (allegedly) with one or more substances, and that it is much more common to be arrested for possession than possession-with-intent-to-sell or actual sale.

Continue reading 'Random Facts from Open Data: Substance Arrests'»

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