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Items of Interest

  • events that seem to have the intention of improving life in Hartford, continue to add vibrancy to the city’s cultures, or have a socio-political aim.
  • Is it good for the Hartfordites? Is this event something that either the majority of my neighbors could afford to attend or something that will benefit the community greatly?
  • Does it deal with issues like education, food security, housing, transportation or social justice?
  • Is it related to the arts?

Items not of Interest

  • political rumors/scandals that do not impact the on-the-job performance of the politician(s) directly (allegedly) involved. I don’t care if the former mayor allegedly participated in an escort service two decades ago.
  • law/legal proceedings
  • fetishization of gang/drug-related violence
  • knee-jerk reactionary pleas about every cause, every event, every change that occurs. This is especially true of pleas based on inadequate and/or incorrect information. Do some damn fact checking!

Bonus Advice for Public Relations People

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