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Championing Human Rights

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By , October 31, 2013 1:09 pm

Morgan Wienberg was unfazed by the cheers coming from the bar on the other side of Wood-n-Tap each time the Red Sox moved one base closer to the championship; without so much as a pause, she continued telling the Torah on Tap group about the work she has done in Haiti to reunite children with their parents.

Wienberg, originally from Whitehorse, moved to Haiti almost immediately after graduating from high school; while spending five months living in a for-profit orphanage, she began to notice the children there were being exploited and abused. When people would donate shoes, she said, there would be a big show about it, but after the donors left, the children would again be in their bare feet and the shoes would be sold for the personal gain of the orphanage’s owner. Continue reading 'Championing Human Rights'»

October 2013 Events

By , September 29, 2013 10:40 pm

Sometimes alpaca visit Pratt Street in Sundays.

Nothing is winding down.

October 1

  • Have some say in what happens in your neighborhood! The Clay Arsenal Revitalization Association meets at 5:30pm at Community Health Services, 500 Albany Avenue.

October 2

  • If you are a young professional looking to network, stop by the Mezzanine Lounge at 960 Main Street tonight from 5:30-8:30. Bring your business cards. If you want a drink, bring cash.
  • Tonight is the opening reception for Improvisers, an exhibit of photography by Joseph Chandler, Byron Dean, Rob Miller, and Maurice Robertson. Real Art Ways, 6pm.
  • The Latin American & Iberian Film Festival presents Marimbas from HellĀ at 7pm in the Jacobs LSC Boyer Auditorium on the Trinity College campus. A discussion in English and Spanish follows the film. This is free and open to the public.
  • Cinestudio will be screening Girl Rising at 7:30pm This is free with student ID, but it is also a fundraiser for the construction of a girls’ school in Mali Continue reading 'October 2013 Events'»

Hands-on Community Building

When volunteers spent a few days last year cleaning in and outside of the Burns School in the Frog Hollow neighborhood, some experienced something like culture shock upon seeing that Hartford’s schools do not receive equal maintenance. Despite those efforts, more work is needed.

On April 27th the community is invited to help with various projects at the school from 8am-1pm.

Children have requested that their bathrooms be more kid-friendly, so adding stencils to the walls will be one of these projects. The cafeteria needs painting. One wall of it will be covered in special chalkboard paint. Bulletin boards will also need refreshing. Outside, there is work to do in the garden, along with routine removal of litter and overgrown vegetation.

There’s no need to rsvp — just show up. Burns is on the block between Russ, Putnam, Mortson, and Park Terrace.

If you can’t wait that long to get your hands dirty, there are other community building (and cleaning) events planned. Continue reading 'Hands-on Community Building'»

When the Plows Don’t Show

Frog Hollow residents began shoveling a path the width of a van down the middle of a one-way side street on Sunday morning. What started with a lone shoveler quickly snowballed into a community effort. Continue reading 'When the Plows Don’t Show'»

Need Help With Taxes?

Residents will have a number of centers to choose from if they are seeking free assistance with tax preparation. These include the Hartford Public Library, HART, Mi Casa Community Center, Upper Albany Neighborhood Collective, Urban League of Greater Hartford, Village for Families and Children at Clark Elementary School, Village for Families and Children at Burr Elementary School, YWCA Hartford Region, and at Community Renewal Team (CRT) sites in Hartford.

Out of town options include at the Town of Enfield, Manchester Community College, and CRT sites in East Hartford, Manchester, and Middletown.

To make an appointment with EITC/VITA volunteers, call 2-1-1, then hit ’3′.

Launch of Hartford Juvenile Mentoring Collaborative Scheduled

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By , January 16, 2013 1:30 pm

January is National Mentoring Month, which makes it a suitable time for the Connecticut Mentoring Partnership along with the Hartford Department of Families, Children, Youth & Recreation; the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services; and the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division to launch the Hartford Juvenile Mentoring Collaborative. Continue reading 'Launch of Hartford Juvenile Mentoring Collaborative Scheduled'»

Sprucing Up Burns with a Little Help from the Neighbors

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By , August 25, 2012 1:28 pm

The house cleaning that happened at the Burns School last spring was more than metaphorical. Besides the change in leadership, there have been renewed efforts to get the community involved. There was a major cleanup of the school — inside and out — in March.

In recent weeks, the Summer of Solutions program went to work on a corner of the school grounds, among its other projects in Hartford. The youth cleared weeds and rubbish; installed and painted raised beds; planted vegetables in those raised beds; and placed brightly-colored benches near the new garden space. Previously, this area was an overgrown and underutilized space.

On Thursday, the community was invited to welcome Dr. Monica Brase, the new principal at the school. She is replacing Mr. Sullivan, who served for a few months in the capacity as interim principal. The event also served as an opportunity for voter registration and new student registration.

Today, Knox Parks and Billings Forge led another beautification effort. After tackling more debris, volunteers planted several trees along the property. The school happens to be across the street from Pope Park North, which has received funding for the restoration with an expected completion date of 2013.

Book Review: Better Together: Restoring the American community

Books about urban development and growing community are often written in jargon, making the content inaccessible to the general public.

That choice in language says for whom the knowledge is intended. It says who is expected to do anything with it.

Better Together is different.

Emphasized in almost every chapter is the need for the people, for the residents, to be involved. Echoing this, it is written in plain language.

But it’s not an instruction manual. Showcased are places where community already exist, ways that empowerment of individuals has provoked social change, and where setbacks have occurred. A recurring theme is the empowerment of people who may be viewed and view themselves as powerless, such as youth, blue collar workers, and the very poor.

Published in 2003 during a time when many were struck with alienation following the militaristic response to 9/11, Better Together maintains its relevance. Continue reading 'Book Review: Better Together: Restoring the American community'»

Parks Week

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By , April 18, 2012 9:14 am

Not to be confused with Grilled Cheese Week or Shark Week, all next week there will be activities to celebrate the parks in Hartford. Continue reading 'Parks Week'»

The Must-Have Gift this Season

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By , December 1, 2011 1:15 am

A cheaply-made plastic toy that fails after a few months, or knowledge?

Regardless of your income, you can give the latter to some 550 Hartford schoolchildren.

That’s the number of youth who are served by Everybody Wins! CT, a literacy organization based on Arbor Street. Statewide, they provide reading assistance to approximately 800 students between the ages of 5-18, annually.

The organization explains that “50 percent of the chronically unemployed are not functionally literate– in Hartford 68 percent of adults are illiterate.”

A literate population is a more employable population.

One goal of the organization is to give three new (or like new) books per year to each child who is in the Everybody Wins! Power Lunch program.

While monetary donations are always welcome, Allison Holst-Grubbe — Program Manager at Everybody Wins! CT — says the need for Reading Mentors is great. Continue reading 'The Must-Have Gift this Season'»

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