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Heaven’s Open

Photo courtesy of Andy Hart

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No Shoprite for Downtown North Due to Stadium

A Shoprite projected to employ 30-40 full-time workers and up to 250 part-timers is now off the table for 1212 Main Street.

A message from the Hartford Community Loan Fund says that “the [Downtown North] district in general and the 1212 Main Street address specifically identified for the project by the City were no longer appropriate locations given the City’s recently announced plans to build a minor league baseball stadium on the parcel immediately to the north at 1214 Main Street.

At the request of City officials, the HCLF had been working on what it described as a mixed-use project “to include both affordable and market rate housing units over the supermarket, along with ground-level retail space for other community health-related partners, café/restaurant space, and parking” since September 2011 when the Market at Hartford 21 closed. This project was to be anchored by Shoprite.

Hartford Community Loan Fund, with help from the Community Development Financial Institution Fund, connected with UpLift Solutions, a nonprofit consulting firm that supports increased access to healthy and affordable foods. Rex Fowler of the HCLF says that “Uplift and its founder Jeff Brown have worked closely with HCLF and Torna-Shoprite in assessing the local marketplace,” as well as with “developing a sustainable model for the proposed Hartford store. ”

A 2012 study showed that $40 million is spent by Hartford residents on groceries, each year, outside of the city. While downtown itself could not support a  50,000-60,000 sf grocery store, one could be sustained by shoppers from the combination of downtown and the seven neighborhoods surrounding.

Hartford Food System partnered with this project in 2013. There was interest from La Cocina, a culinary training program operated by the Chrysalis Center. There was to be a small walk-in health clinic within the market, along with an on-site nutritionist. Continue reading 'No Shoprite for Downtown North Due to Stadium'»

Farmers’ Market in Downtown Opens Tuesday

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By , June 16, 2014 3:46 pm

The sidewalk on the west side of the Old State House got festive this afternoon in preparation for the opening day of the farmers’ market. The Old State House Farmers’ Market will take place every Tuesday and Friday from 10am until 2pm, through October 31, 2014.

Rose Weekend in Elizabeth Park

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By , June 15, 2014 5:20 pm

What had been called “Rose Weekend” was only “Rose Sunday” this year, but we decided to keep with tradition and go to Elizabeth Park on both days just to make sure we did not miss a single rose. Continue reading 'Rose Weekend in Elizabeth Park'»

Tax Deed Sale

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By , June 13, 2014 1:10 pm

Got $4000 burning a hole in your wallet?

The City of Hartford is holding a Tax Deed Sale on June 28 in the Bulkeley High Auditorium. Registration is from 8-9:45am; sale begins at 10am. You will need that deposit money in form of cash, cashier’s check, bank treasurer’s check, teller’s check, or certified check at the auction. There are other stipulations, but that, and not owing property tax yourself, are the big ones.

The property owners have been given six months notice before properties placed in auction. Winning bidders will not receive title until six months after purchase, as the owner has opportunity for redemption. Here are the properties:

Tax Deed Sale 6/28/14

If this isn’t the right time for you but you just want to see what the auction process looks like, you can still show up to watch the action.


Shoe Store Opens Downtown

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By , June 12, 2014 6:01 pm

While lamenting DSW’s decision to open by West Farms instead of in Hartford, you might have missed that That Flavour Boutique at 101 Pratt Street opened a few weeks ago.

Stock ranges from animal-print flats covered in rounded studs to clear boots to all variety of stilettos. There are camo rain boots, sandals, and sneakers. Prices range from $30-150.

Owner Sara Berger lives on the same block as her store.

“I’m a Hartford lover,” Berger said. She noticed that there was no shoe store in the central business district, so she jumped.

“The timing was perfect” for this market, she said.

The merchandise — shoes and hosiery — is on shelves along the walls. Chairs take up the center of the boutique. The vision is for the space to be used for birthday parties and events, like an upcoming “all black affair.”

That Flavour Boutique is closed on Sundays only. They are open Monday-Friday, 12-8pm and Saturday, 12-5pm.

Vegan Dinner, Bicycles Everywhere, and Community

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By , June 8, 2014 10:43 pm

Joe Biel and Elly Blue

The Vulnerable User Bill finally got approved. There are bike racks throughout downtown and four bike lockers at Union Station. Transport Hartford — a city-specific alternate transportation group — has launched. There are multiple large organized bike rides and many informal ones.

You’d have to be sleeping to think there’s nothing happening here.

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Frog Hollow on Puerto Rican Day Parade Eve

Each year on the day before the Greater Hartford Puerto Rican Day Parade, Park Street and surrounding roads in Frog Hollow and South Green become a place to show off the wheels, a practice not wildly unlike the romanticized cruising culture in American Graffiti. Continue reading 'Frog Hollow on Puerto Rican Day Parade Eve'»

Gearing up for the Puerto Rican Day Parade

The parade isn’t until Sunday, but vendors are already out on Park Street.

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Hartford Has Style: Another Weekend, Another Fashion Show

Following hor d’oeuvres and open bar, a few dozen people who haven’t experienced fashion show fatigue yet took their seats along the 100 foot runway installed on Pratt Street Saturday for the Hartford Has Style event.

NIRO and That Flavour Boutique, both of Pratt Street, presented clothing and shoes. Other designers and stores represented included House of Ettienne, Tanijah Gamble, I’m Possible Club, Yanique Mattice, Carmen Veal Swimwear, Zubair, and the Hartford Denim Company. Minimal information was provided about these designers.

Garments were modeled by a mix of models and “role models.” Logan Byrnes, Yvonne Davis, Jennifer DiBella, Oz Griebel, Jerry Long, Hector Rivera, Donna Sodipo, Tara Spain, Sharon Dichand, and Michael Williams were listed as the role models.

There were multiple singing performances and an “Instagram Intermission” during the event; it seemed more chairs opened up after each pause, with spectators leaving as the temperatures dropped and Pratt Street became a wind tunnel — a condition not compatible with strapless gowns.

Let’s look at how this latest show compares with the other recent ones: Kate Couture and Trashion Fashion.



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