Hot Cider!

The West End Farmers’ Market will be offering a cup of free hot cider with every market purchase until the end of the season on October 30th. The cider is from local Rose’s Berry Farm.

The West End Farmers’ Market is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:30-6:30 at the corner of South Whitney and Farmington.

Sea Tea Improv Returns to City Steam

Local improvisational theater troupe Sea Tea Improv has partnered with City Steam Brewery Café to create a monthly evening of off-the-cuff theatrical comedy. The performance series, named “Second City Steam” after Chicago’s world-famous theater and training center, will launch on October 4th at 7 PM at City Steam and recur monthly. Admission is free to the public (more…)

Staycation 2009

When my friend David told me he’d secured a reservation for a trip to the top of the Travelers’ Tower, I had no choice but to invite myself along. This would bring me downtown in the late morning, and since I had plans to be less than a block from there later in the afternoon, I figured I would just spend the time in between downtown.

At eleven we zoomed to the 21st floor. I did not think about the logistics of this. After having walked 2.5 miles to get downtown, the three flights of stairs did not seem so fun. The view was worth the panting. From the street, the tower does not look like it can hold more than two people. We had six people up there, and there was plenty of room for more. I had no luck locating my apartment.

East Hartford

A Vegetarian’s Guide to the Taste of Hartford

I still lament that the days of the true Taste of Hartford have gone. It used to be that you could exchange money for tickets, and then walk along Constitution Plaza, listening to live music and sampling food from a variety of restaurants. You could grab a samosa, slice of chocolate cheesecake, and pierogi, even in that order if you wanted to. Now, the Taste of Hartford is a week-long Prix Fixe menu at over thirty restaurants. This remains a good chance to sample food from restaurants you may have considered too pricey, but really, the experience of a mad dash through adventurous culinary combinations is gone.

Unless you’re a vegetarian, which means that the adventure is merely finding a place that meets your needs. Here are the restaurants with their respective veggie options as advertised especial for the Taste of Hartford. This does not mean that other participating restaurants are completely devoid of meat-free foods, just that they are not offering them at a special price. But vegetarians know that usually, our foodstuffs are cheaper than $20.09 anyway, so it’s not like we’re getting a major meal discount. (more…)

Summer Fun is Brewin’

City Steam Brewery has been my safety net for where to take non-adventurous friends out when in town, since their American cuisine is consistent and reasonably priced. They’ve recently added free movie night (Mondays) to their menu; They are showing Stand By Me on 7/20 and Dirty Dancing on 7/27.

If that weren’t enough to get you to check out the restaurant, this Sunday (7/19) at 7pm, the Sea Tea Improv troupe will be giving a free performance. The troupe consists of:

“School’s Out 4” Summar Elguindy
“Stand-Up Joe” Leonardo
Greg “Pipes” Ludovici
Matt Neufeld AKA MC St. Louis
“Master Julia” Pistell
Dan “Bearded Fury” Russell
Kate “The Cleveland City Steamer” Sidley

The performance will be in the Richardson Room of City Steam Brewery, located at 942 Main Street in Hartford.