Obama Kitsch

This quilt is on display in City Hall. Each square tells part of President Obama’s life history. It’s located on the same floor as Council Chambers.

If you need more of an Obama art fill, you can head over to the Amistad Center — located in the Wadsworth Atheneum — to see a few pieces of Obama-themed items on display in the Digging Deeper exhibit.

Thoughts on the Inauguration

As I hinted at in a previous post, schlepping down to Washington D.C. is on my list of things I do not enjoy. It’s not D.C. itself that bothers me, just the dull, non-scenic trip. As historical of a day as this is, getting on a bus/train/plane to stand among millions without even a chance of seeing President Obama seemed rather pointless, so, I stayed in Hartford and watched the inaugural events on a friend’s widescreen television. Being among friends and warm acquaintances, indoors, with tissues handy and cameras out is a memory I will cherish. Someone cooked molasses sweet potatoes, and another person made a special Obama cake, pictured below.


Below are a few pics of the tv screen, for anyone who might’ve missed all of the coverage today.

Inauguration 2009

President-Elect Obama   Photo: Alex Brandon (AP) I know that going to D.C. for the Inauguration will be as close to a religious experience as some people are going to get, and I would not begrudge anyone of that. But let’s be real. Driving or taking the bus to D.C. sucks. The trip is long enough to question yourself for taking it, but not long enough to consider it a full-blown vacation. The traffic is always nightmarish, and at this time of year, you run the risk of being on the roads during an ice storm. My advice: do something where you can meet the Obama family another time (save a little old lady from something, get a national award, etc), in a more personal setting, and watch the Inauguration Tuesday at “home.” If you are not parking yourself in front of your own television or at a friend’s gathering, here are a few places, locally, where you can cheer on history.

La Paloma Sabanera will have their television on and be serving an “Obama Blend” throughout the day. They are also advertising food specials for the occasion.

The cafe of Real Art Ways will open at 11. Snacks and beverages will be for sale, but people are encouraged to bring their own lunches. They will be showing coverage of the event in the cinema.

Cinestudio will open its doors at 10 on Tuesday to show coverage of the Inauguration.

The Stowe House will have an open house on Tuesday from 10-4. They will have a screen set up for viewing the inauguration. Admission is free. There will be complimentary tea and coffee, and free guided tours before and after the event.

It’s pretty much a guarantee, though, that any place with a television screen will have the coverage on.