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Conversations with the Candidates: Impressions

By , May 14, 2015 9:39 am

“Why isn’t the mayor here?”

That was the first question asked by an audience member, before the official time for questions began — before anything really began — at the Business for Downtown Hartford’s “Candid Conversations” event. Continue reading 'Conversations with the Candidates: Impressions'»

May 2015 Events

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By , April 28, 2015 8:23 am

May 1

  • GAZE: LGBTQ happy hour at Real Art Ways. This free and informal event starts at 5:30.
  • Liquid Lounge: Dino de Mayo: Cinco de Mayo party, with dinosaurs. This is the Connecticut Science Center’s every-so-often adults only party. There will be strolling Mariachi music with Fiesta Del Norte, live Latin jazz, DJs, live Mexican and desert animals, salsa lessons, and more. 6-10 p.m. Not free.

May 2

Flowers in Frog Hollow

  • Free admission to the Connecticut Historical Society galleries from 9-5. Free admission does not include access to their research center.
  • Kim Cannon’s POP-UP Art Market: 10-4 p.m. at the Hartford Seminary, 77 Sherman Street.
  • Art reception for Brian Dupont at EBK Gallery, 218 Pearl Street. 6-8 p.m. Art from this exhibit will be displayed through May 10th.

May 3

Segarra’s Budget: “We’ve Accomplished A Lot Together”

By , April 21, 2015 8:06 am

Mayor Segarra has released his recommended budget, saying “this  Budget  is  fiscally  prudent and  accountable  to  all  municipal  stakeholders,” but there have been some questions as to how accountability is being defined.

Richard Wareing, Hartford Board of Education Chair, let known his displeasure with what he says are now confirmed rumors about Segarra’s “intent to use over $12m of the Board’s money to balance the City’s budget for FY 2015-16″ and an “approximately $3.5m in Board money to balance the FY 2014-15 budget.”

On this matter, Wareing says he was left in the dark, learning only through “informal sources within City Hall” that OPEB would be poached.

Wareing, in an email to Mayor Segarra, wrote: “I should have the courtesy of a call from you.  If you have time for cocktails with Brad Davis and well-heeled contributors, you have time to call me to discuss matters which significantly impact the education of our children.” Continue reading 'Segarra’s Budget: “We’ve Accomplished A Lot Together”'»

Mayoral Campaign 2015: Pedro Segarra (Incumbent)

By , March 19, 2015 8:41 am

Real Hartford inquired with Mayor Segarra’s campaign manager on March 12. We received no response. We asked again on March 15 and were told we would hear back. Our deadline was noon on March 18, 2015.


Mayoral Campaign 2015: John Gale

John Gale was at Max Bibo’s early, having a pistachio muffin and a coffee. The New York Times was on the table, folded. He put his phone aside, but did answer when one of his daughters called and told her she’d be getting that call returned later. Continue reading 'Mayoral Campaign 2015: John Gale'»

Mayoral Campaign 2015: Joel Cruz, Jr.

Joel Cruz, Jr. walks into Mozzicato’s on a Monday afternoon, immediately greeting waitstaff in a way that suggests this is not his first time here. He apologizes to me for being late by four minutes; it’s early rush hour, when being late by four minutes is the equivalent of arriving early. He orders a water, and when pressed, a giant slice of cake. He never takes his phone out once. Continue reading 'Mayoral Campaign 2015: Joel Cruz, Jr.'»

Coming Soon: Interviews with Mayoral Candidates

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By , March 18, 2015 1:00 pm

Later this week Real Hartford will publish the series of pieces resulting from interviews with the serious mayoral candidates.

What is considered serious?

That does not mean having the backing of a party, clout, or fundraising prowess. It’s simple: the individual has announced that he — and so far, only men are participating — is running for mayor and his campaign has online representation, whether it be a website, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

“Candidates” who have not yet announced and are only rumored to be running do not give the impression that they have the basic decision-making skills necessary for the job.

We invited candidates to be in touch with Real Hartford, and some who are only rumored to be running, did not make contact then.

What is the process?

When we announced that we would be doing these interviews, two of the four reached out directly, establishing some communication.

We went through the standard avenues first: contact campaign manager, ask to arrange meeting. Two of the candidates responding immediately — one himself, and one through the manager. Of those two, one uses a form on a website; the other just has a Facebook page.

The campaign manager of another did not respond quickly, so we took a secondary route and were instantly able to move ahead. Knowing who is even involved in the campaign proves useful.

A fourth — communication there is still wanting. In that case, the campaign manager did not respond, but then we learned that there was a change in staff so we tried again. This was acknowledged within hours, but has yielded nothing despite several follow up messages over the course of several days. After feeling like we were being strung along, we gave a reasonable deadline and that went flashing by.

The Questions

Through social media and our mailing list, we asked readers to tell us what they wanted to know. Our readers are primarily Hartford residents, voters, so this approach seemed more logical than leaving a candidate’s potential future constituents to be told about issues that were less relevant to their lives. We re-worded to streamline some questions, grouped others together, and then added a few of our own. Each candidate was asked very similar questions, with a few wild cards thrown in.

They were not given questions in advance, though candidates who happen to read Real Hartford and pay attention to comments may have known what was coming. Nothing was presented as a “gotcha” question. There will be debates later in the season, but for now, we just wanted to hear what they had to say for themselves in a non-combative situation.

Campaigning Season Grinds On

By , March 11, 2015 7:24 pm

While Pedro Segarra’s campaign is getting some heat for its Twitter account allegedly automatically following anyone that follows it, this is not the first time that interesting choices have been made involving social media and this campaign.

A fundraiser was previously promoted using Grindr, an app that essentially functions more like Tinder, than say, Facebook or Twitter, in that it is designed specifically for dating, finding a husband, or more commonly, hooking up.

(Those now going to look up that site, brace yourselves for the barrage of shirtless men who apparently have time to go to the gym and get tans.)
Continue reading 'Campaigning Season Grinds On'»

Election Day 2014: Results of Inquiry Published

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By , January 16, 2015 4:16 pm

The City Council Committee of Inquiry has released its findings regarding the Election Day 2014 debacle.
You can read the 32 page document below. Among the gems in this report: one Registrar refused to read emails that another sent, police were called to the Registrar’s Office following an outburst by the Democratic Registrar of Voters, and that same individual invoked the Fifth Amendment when questioned.


To learn more Continue reading 'Election Day 2014: Results of Inquiry Published'»

The Voting Situation

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By , January 6, 2015 7:25 am

While the Committee of Inquiry — filled with City Council members — is presumably inquiring on matters related to the Hartford Registrars of Voters, others have taken action about alleged problems during the last election, and the one before that.

What Would Constitute a Denial of Voting Rights?

In November 2013, former Hartford resident Julie Beman schlepped all over the city to ensure she voted. She filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission against Democratic Registrar of Voters Olga Iris Vasquez and other election officials.

Over one year later, the SEEC completed its investigation Continue reading 'The Voting Situation'»

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