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Skate Park Progress

By , March 17, 2014 12:37 pm

With most of the snow melted off, it looks like more steps have been taken toward completion of the skate park located in New Ross, County Wexford Park (AKA Heaven). Continue reading 'Skate Park Progress'»

Closed Again

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By , March 7, 2014 9:17 am

The Capitol Avenue I-84 W entrance ramp is scheduled to be temporarily closed again.

On the evenings of March 10 and March 11 ramp access will be cut off. It will re-open again the following mornings at 5.

There are other nearby entrance ramps including on Asylum Street and Sisson Avenue.

A message from the DOT says that “the closures are necessary for pile-driving operations required for the construction of CTfastrak.”

According to the CT DOT, this work will not have any impact on pedestrians.

Wadsworth Begins Final Phase of Major Renovation

By , March 4, 2014 1:13 pm

At the end of last month the Wadsworth Atheneum quietly closed galleries in its Goodwin, Morgan Memorial, and Wadsworth buildings…for the time being. Susan Talbott, Director and CEO, said the museum remains partially open this year as it begins “winding up” renovations, a process she said is “necessary to protect” the museum’s artwork.

In a presentation to members and donors Monday night, Wadsworth Atheneum staff gave an overview of completed and planned changes, from waterproofing and other exterior renovations, to the development of a high security storage system to creation of its own heating-and-cooling plant. Though discussed, the museum would not be physically expanding its footprint, nor adding parking  — there are multiple parking garages within two blocks of the museum, along with on-street parking.

Much of the work remaining was described as what the museum “hopes” to see, with realization contingent on funding. Continue reading 'Wadsworth Begins Final Phase of Major Renovation'»

Improvements Underway at Boneyard

By , January 16, 2014 12:59 pm

Downtown’s Ancient Burying Ground is seeing some changes Continue reading 'Improvements Underway at Boneyard'»

Final Downtown North Design Meeting

By , December 12, 2013 5:13 pm

Artwork on structure walls at Heaven. It was proposed that these structures be removed or reduced in size. There were objections to the removal of this public art.

“This is about preparing an area for development,” said Thomas Deller, City of Hartford’s Director of Development Services. “Everything that’s here is being proposed as the maximum.”

The Downtown North Park Plan is funded, Deller said, by a sustainable community grant to “determine how we develop” the area “for growth and sustainability.”

As with the previous two public meetings, there were questions about who these proposed changes are for, even as the standing room only crowd was told that a steering committee included community members.

But all along, it has been evident that whole segments of the population have not been included in the planning process. At the previous meeting in October, very few residents not employed by the City were in attendance, and no regular users of New Ross, County Wexford Park were involved, even though this small park has its own Friends group. At that meeting, when I informed Tim Love, the Principal of Utile, Inc., that the park is currently used by skaters and others, and that a formal skate park was about the break ground, I was told that if this park was deemed not in the interest of economic development, the skate park could be moved.
I suggested that the parties involved in redevelopment reach out to the community.

That does not seem to have happened in the time since, but park users — including those who skate, do parkour, and use the space as a canvas for their art — caught wind of the plans to change a space without seeking their input. So, they showed up at last night’s final meeting, and they showed up in large numbers.

Regular users of Wexford, New Ross County Park — Heaven — showed up to the meeting where the park was given two minutes of discussion tacked on at the end just before the library closed.

Predictably, information about the skate park was presented last, for mere minutes, and then followed by the rushed Q&A segment. Continue reading 'Final Downtown North Design Meeting'»

Constitutional Amendments

By , September 23, 2013 8:00 am

Routine users of Constitution Plaza know that its been under construction for a few months now. Finally, there are visible signs of why segments of the plaza were fenced off during this past spring and summer. Continue reading 'Constitutional Amendments'»

Improvements to Bike Infrastructure Underway

By , September 5, 2013 1:58 pm

A portion of Broad Street will be closed for 24 hours beginning tomorrow evening so that milling and paving work can be completed as part of this area’s reconstruction project. One of the improvements to the section of Broad Street between Farmington and Capitol Avenue will be bicycle lanes on both sides of the street. There is currently no bike lane on this stretch of road.

Nothing of value comes easily.

The City has reportedly done some pushing to get approval from the State.

Because this stretch of Broad Street includes a highway entrance ramp, the logistics are trickier but the need for such lanes is greater. This area is gridlocked during rush hour, with motorists focused on access to the Interstate. It is common to see vehicles turning right on red without stopping first.

The plan is to paint the bike lanes on this street green, making them more visible to motorists and making their intended usage clear. Kevin Burnham, Director of Public Works, says this painting aspect of the project should be treated as an experiment. Continue reading 'Improvements to Bike Infrastructure Underway'»

Summer Construction

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By , July 10, 2013 8:13 am

If you’ve ever climbed the steep stairs outside of the Burns School, you’ll be relieved to know that those are gone now. The building is closed for the summer while masonry work is underway.

If you want to see what other schools are getting repairs and improvements, check out the Schools Facilities Plan. Schools listed in red have improvements in progress; those in blue have been completed. Although it is not included in the file, there are ceiling repairs scheduled for this summer at the McDonough Expeditionary Learning School.

Before and After: Crescent Street Demolitions

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By , June 21, 2013 12:02 pm

Reader-submitted photo

Buildings on Crescent Street were demolished this week to make room for student housing. Crescent Street is located between New Britain Avenue and Broad Street.

Reader-submitted photo

Crescent Street Demolition Underway

By , June 19, 2013 10:09 am

These screenshots were taken from the Crescent Street construction camera.

Continue reading 'Crescent Street Demolition Underway'»

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