Meet Your City: Create, Stand, Laugh (Feb 2018)

Tainted Inc recently launched its Creative Studio, providing a space for workshops and other events separate from the Beauty Studio housed in the same building at 56 Arbor Street in Parkville. Shimmies & Shakes: Intro to Burlesque is offered for beginners. For those unfamiliar with burlesque, it’s not exactly striptease. Think more creatively. It’s striptease — usually involving a range of body types and sizes — with an often nerdy punchline. No, you will not need to take off your clothes to participate in this class. Tainted Inc says to: “Wear something you love, bring a prop to dance with, or borrow a boa from us! This workshop is fun and flirty.” There is a $45 fee, which you can pay when you register online for this workshop: February 10th, 3-4:30 pm.

Imagine losing everything, winding up in transitional housing over a thousand miles away from what was home — in a place significantly colder and culturally different — only to have the federal government cut assistance sooner than planned because somehow, the house you left behind, was determined to be livable despite having windows missing from it. Nothing about that scenario is desirable, and it seems that the impacts of Hurricane Maria could have been reduced in severity had there not been a long history of political neglect. It bears repeating: Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Rally and Lobby Day for Puerto Rican Families: February 28th, 1-4 pm at the Connecticut State Capitol.

Talking about movies tends to bore me, which is why I was surprised to find myself enjoying an entire radio show about just that. What’s the secret? The hosts of Culture Dogs, Sam and Kevin, are hilarious. I used to host a rock show scheduled after Kevin’s late night show, and he was funny then too. I don’t find many things funny at 2:30 am, which is when I was rolling into the studio. Sam and Kevin are the featured guests of Chatterbox — a show where improv meets storytelling — on February 9th, 7pm at Sea Tea Comedy Theater. $10.

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