Meet Your City: Instead of Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Brunch may come up short every time, but the idea of casually eating breakfast away from the kitchen table is just fine. Even finer, is not taking that coffee and muffin directly to your office desk. There is a world out there. Go see it.

Suggested Pairings

Sarah’s Coffee House + EBK Gallery: There really is no equivalent of Tiffany’s in Hartford, but there is something about looking in the windows of EBK Gallery that can almost trick the brain.

First & Last Bakery + Cedar Hill Cemetery: Take that egg and cheese sandwich to go and find a bench not far from the entrance to the cemetery where you might see turtles, frogs, dragonflies, deer, and birds.

Blue State Coffee + Bushnell Park: Start the day off by chilling with the blue heron.

Story and Soil Coffee + Pope Park North: There are places to sit down, but I would opt to stand and look at the chickens.

Metro Cafe + Elizabeth Park: It’s hard to resist the obsession that Metro Cafe has with Luke’s Diner (Gilmore Girls), which is enough to silently hint that I should place my order, pay, and move along — all while keeping my phone off and away. They never say this, of course, but I secretly hope that’s the underlying message. Take the pastry, walk on down the road to Elizabeth Park. It doesn’t much matter which side of Prospect Avenue.

London Cafe + Charter Oak Landing: Colt Park is closer, but Charter Oak Landing is quieter, with picnic tables by the Connecticut River.

Spectra Wired + Mortensen Riverfront: Another option is to cross the bridge and find a bench on the East Hartford side of the river.


What would you suggest?

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