On-Street Parking Ban for Saturday and Sunday

Pic shows a previous year's snow event in the Frog Hollow neighborhood
Pic shows a previous year’s snow event in the Frog Hollow neighborhood

An on-street parking ban is begins at 7 p.m. on Saturday and ends at 7 a.m. on Sunday. [Note: Different sources have reported variations in the end time. We’ve heard Sunday at 7 p.m. from HPD, 7 a.m. from Mayor Bronin and an automated call, and 11 a.m. from Janice Castle, City of Hartford’s Office of Community Engagement director.]

Vehicles remaining on roadways during this time are subject to ticketing and towing. Besides the general irritation of it, a towing experience will cost you around $200. Those whose vehicles get towed should call the HPD at (860) 757-4000 and check a data set to learn where the car has been towed to.

Those coming in for events in Downtown Hartford should make sure their vehicles are definitely off the streets before 11 p.m., which is when the HPD Traffic Division is expected to start enforcement in that area.

Residents in need of off-street parking can use any of the Hartford district school lots and park lots (Colt, Elizabeth, Pope, Keney, Goodwin, Foster Heights, Hyland, and Rocky Ridge), along with the following:

  • 130 Sisson Ave.
  • 2404 Main St.
  • 11 Flower St.
  • 50 Curcombe St.
  • 2 Holcomb St.
  • 80 Coventry St.
  • 2621 Main St.
  • 680 Franklin Ave.

After the ban is lifted, vehicles — especially those parked at school lots — need to be moved promptly.




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