Fatal Accidental Drug Overdoses in Hartford

Information on accidental, fatal drug overdoses in Hartford shows an increase over the same time period (January 1-June 30) of the previous two years, when such data became available.

The data provided does not specify the type (heroin, fentanyl, acetaminophen, others) only that an accidental fatal drug overdose occurred.

For the sake of data, these deaths remain categorized under “suicide.” Technically, if the deceased had administered the fatal substance(s) to him/herself, then that fits the definition, but not any less than if someone chooses to drive a motor vehicle erratically and those actions result in a fatal crash.

The fatal overdoses are concentrated south of I-84, with only scattered exceptions.

The address associated could mean inside of the home, inside of a vehicle parked on the street, or somewhere else. It is not uncommon to see someone purchase, walk or drive to a random location, and inject drugs while the car is still running; thus, an overdose address does not mean the victim resides in Hartford or has any connection to residents at the actual home there.

This data shows where fatal accidental overdoses occurred. The map may look different with information added about where people survived accidental drug overdoses.

As a side note, there are discrepancies in data between the Hartford Police Department and Hartford Fire Department. These are noted as they occur, and are all connected to the timing of the incident. Click on the place markers on the interactive map for details on each incident. The red markers are for 2016, purple for 2015, and blue for 2014.

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