Only One of Two Stadium Resolutions Withdrawn: March Still On

If City Hall was worried about misinformation about the stadium before, nothing in recent days has added clarity, including Mayor Segarra’s announcement that the stadium proposal was kinda-sorta withdrawn.

On Monday, as planned, one of two resolutions related to the stadium was withdrawn, as explained by Hartford 2000:

In short, there is still a stadium resolution up for discussion at the July 21st public hearing: whether or not the City should move forward with purchasing the 271 and 273 Windsor Street parcel that has been described as necessary for this larger plan.

It can be seen on the July 21 agenda here:

The original language of both items — withdrawn and current — can be seen here (#8 and #10):

A letter from Mayor Segarra to City Council published by CT News Junkie last week is explicit in which of the two resolutions were to be withdrawn. This announcement was made on Friday.

The night before, Mayor Segarra attended a MARG (Maple Avenue Revitalization Group) meeting to promote the stadium; the meeting has been described by some in attendance as a “blood bath” and “intense,” as one person after another voiced objections to the process (secret meetings, announcement of “done deal” before public feedback) and to the possibility that this would be funded with public money.

Earlier this month, the public posed questions for City officials, receiving few answers. The majority of those willing to speak at the Hartford 2000-sponsored event had concerns similar to those at last week’s MARG meeting.

Because one of the stadium resolutions remains on the agenda for Monday, individuals opposed to the use of public money for any part of the stadium development will be marching from 1212 Main Street to City Hall before the public hearing.

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