Another BBQ Spot for Downtown

By , April 18, 2014 4:56 pm

Coming soon on Arch Street: Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue

4 Responses to “Another BBQ Spot for Downtown”

  1. Gaspar Sancoche says:

    This is from their website:

    “Jamie “The Bear” McDonald is the reigning Wing Bowl Champion and number one ranked Independent Competitive Eater by All Pro Eating. Jamie won Wing Bowl 21 by devouring two hundred and eighty-seven wings in only thirty minutes. The total was the second most in Wing Bowl history, trailing only the previous year’s champion Takeru Kobayashi. Just prior to Jamie’s Wing Bowl victory, he was declared All Pro Eating’s number one ranked Independent Competitive Eater in the World and Competitive Eating Rookie of the Year.”

    Who wants to eat at a restaurant owned by someone whose claim to fame is “competitive eating”……. Gaspar certainly enjoys eating a lot but even he finds the description above rather disturbing…

    • Gaspar knows that as a vegetarian, there’s not much for me here. But I do see poutine on the menu and expect a few readers will be peeing themselves with joy over that.

  2. Brendan says:

    I tweet a picture of bacon and you get all mad at me…

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