Learning Curb: Mercedes Bends

By , April 16, 2014 10:45 am

Thanks to Christopher Brown for sharing these pics of a car seemingly beached on a median on Sigourney/Park Terrace.

To be fair, this could be an accidental parking job (wet roads) than someone intentionally deciding to abandon ship in the middle of a busy street…but one never knows with the routine “parking” that happens near 25 Sigourney Street.

5 Responses to “Learning Curb: Mercedes Bends”

  1. Brendan says:

    Driver’s side headlight looks damaged. Maybe they were in an accident.

  2. Richard says:


    I just love these parking photographs. I never have driven a car and of course never will learn at my age so I have a good laugh when you publish how some fools park. But I can’t say too much except have all of your dear readers thank their lucky stars that I don’t drive as I am sure you would get some good photo’s off my attempts as I can’t steer a car so I probably would end up in a ditch.

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