In the Spirit of Second Chances

By , December 3, 2013 11:52 pm

Bruce Rubenstein and Kennard Ray                                                       Photo taken by a Dunkin Donuts patron

Want an explanation for this photo?

See the comments on the “Ban the Box: What does the law say?” article.


The abbreviated version: a document was read and misinterpreted, which is easy to do when only minimal information is provided. The person assumed to have done wrong asked to sit down and talk with the person who did the misinterpreting. An understanding was reached and opinions were changed.


That should not be an anomaly, but it seems we have a climate where the norm is for people to hold grudges and behave passive-aggressively. There are “community leaders” who, after all, model this exact kind of behavior.

Maybe it does not have to be that way. Maybe we can have grown men show a willingness to apologize and move on.

2 Responses to “In the Spirit of Second Chances”

  1. I believe in second chances. We all have made mistakes in our lives when we were young. As some of us grow and learn from our mistakes and doing good in our lives those mistakes should be left in the past and not be able to hold us back from doing even better things in our lives.

  2. “Istandwithkennard”; the question should be is how long is the period of incarceration suppose to be? Once time is served when does life began again? This explains why we have so many unemployed men on the street. We have “certain ex offenders” who are making six figures without missing a beat, I’m just saying.

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