City Meets with WECA and Community about Food Pantry

The Grace Seventh-Day Adventist Church was given no notice from the West End Civic Association or the City of Hartford about this morning’s meeting regarding the food pantry that is run out of the site on Prospect Avenue across from Elizabeth Park and on the next block from the Governor’s mansion, but due to outreach from concerned residents, church representatives and supporters learned about the session.

Not long before the meeting began, WECA issued an official position on this “issue”:

Though some WECA members abstained from voting on the matter, this continued to be put forward as the neighborhood organization’s stance. Those familiar with this neighborhood know that there is a social divide for some, with Farmington Avenue as the separation between more affluent homes (north) and rental units and less expensive properties (south). Some residents have suggested that this push to enforce zoning is a way to relocate the food pantry to what some consider a less desirable part of the neighborhood. As previously noted here and at the meeting, the park generates far more traffic and parking concerns than the food pantry, which operates only one day a week and during off-peak traffic hours.

Following the meeting, WECA presented another message:

If you would like more details on this morning’s discussion, read the article on Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog.


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