Trash Collection

By , February 13, 2013 6:06 pm

It’s not happening this week.

The City of Hartford says it will “resume next week on a Holiday schedule starting on Tuesday.”

2 Responses to “Trash Collection”

  1. Tony C says:

    Thanks for the info. My recycling is definitely piling up.

    For some reason some of my neighbors think its totally cool to just pile shit up outside the bins. The cardboard is mush. Doubt they’ll be the ones tossing it into the dumpster.

    • Ah, tales from ye olde neighborhood.

      It takes lots of restraint not to launch an all-out passive aggressive battle with people who can’t figure out how to live simply, consume less, and put recyclables in the bin. Not like we have those tiny boxes anymore like when recycling programs began.

      Did I just co-opt your rant? I think I did.

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