When the Plows Don’t Show

By , February 10, 2013 9:36 am

Frog Hollow residents began shoveling a path the width of a van down the middle of a one-way side street on Sunday morning. What started with a lone shoveler quickly snowballed into a community effort.

Why? One man said, “I gotta go to work tomorrow.”

10 Responses to “When the Plows Don’t Show”

  1. Tony C says:

    Wish we could do this on Alden St…

  2. Heather B says:

    “Quickly snowballed.” Heh.

  3. Hartnell James says:

    Nice feel-good story, but you didn’t mention the street name.

  4. MLWade says:

    Good to see that community spirit still exists!

  5. Half the street is now shoveled out, accessible from Park Terrace.

  6. Hartford communities pulling together. This proves that Hartford is still a great city. That said we pay taxes, that by the way have gone up, to have the snow removed from our streets. The streets need to be plowed. The streets would be in much better condition if the plowing operations would not have been suspended during the storm. Plainfield got all 124 miles of roads done during the storm. Hartford has 100 miles of primary roads and 124 miles of secondary roads. Hartford has a lot more resources than Plainfield. No plow on Wadsworth Street yet.

  7. […] situations seem to bring out the best and worst of people. On the same street there can be a strong sense of community, with many striving toward a shared goal, while at the same time, further down the road, there are individuals acting with complete […]

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