Garbage Day

Starting May 1st, trash and recycling collection days will be shifted for about 20% of Hartford residents. Most impacted will be those in the Blue Hills, Frog Hollow, Upper Albany, West End, and Clay Arsenal neighborhoods, and those within the South Downtown NRZ.

This sanitation re-routing project aims to balance daily routes and workloads while reducing travel time. The Department of Public Works will be using technology to track trucks, finding more efficient ways to re-route them when necessary, such as around construction sites.  Currently Mondays and Fridays are the most demanding days; come May, workers will have a more sensible, balanced workload.

To prepare for these changes, the DPW will spend roughly three months educating the public. They have already prepared a catalog of new collection areas and have begun to meet with NRZs to provide copies of the catalog and explain how the neighborhoods will be affected. The City department will be updating its website with this new information, sending out letters and postcards to all property owners who will be impacted and providing outreach via doorhangers. After the routes change on May 1st, any carts placed curbside on the wrong day will be affixed with a sticker reminding residents of the change. All materials will be available in English and Spanish.

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