Fuelish Proposal for Parkville

By , January 14, 2013 8:15 am

On tonight’s City Council agenda is an item that should sound familiar. The Stop & Shop on New Park Avenue has tried to install a gas station in the past, only to be met with vocal opposition from Parkville residents. Tonight, the store is trying again.


Agenda item from the Council Preview distributed by Hartford 2000

Currently, there is a Stop & Shop with a fueling station approximately 2.5 miles away in West Hartford. Other gas stations are closer.

A large showing from Stop & Shop employees is expected as workers have been promised $50 for attending tonight’s meeting in uniform.

The image of this sign was posted in several places online late last month.

Another potential item of interest is the proposed $330,000 settlement in a suit filed following the drowning of a youth in a pool at Pope Park.

The meeting takes place in the City Hall Council Chambers. The public comment portion begins at 6pm; official meeting is scheduled to start at 7pm. By showing up a few minutes early and adding one’s name to the list, anybody is permitted to speak during the time for comments.

6 Responses to “Fuelish Proposal for Parkville”

  1. Josh LaPorte says:

    If the city is going to go ahead and do this despite Parkville’s voiced opposition, and if Stop and Shop wants this fueling station so bad, the city should certainly raise its price for the property. Maybe $800,000?

  2. Luis says:

    Sad thing here is that the City is the only one here behaving irresponsibly:

    • Parkville residents are responding to an immediate reality. There are about 6 gas stations within a half mile distance to the Park and New Park epicenter of Parkville.

    • Stop & Shop is one of the City’s better employers giving alot of Hartford residents decent paying jobs with benefits. They are proposing something that all their competitors are doing.

    • The City is attempting to move it forward solely because it’s the only proposal on the table. It seems like there is zero thought on whether it’s a good thing for the neighborhood or city. That’s not good planning.

    I say reject it and give it a year. There’s a major Busway stop at Park Street by the bridge which will open up new development opptys for other investors. Do the RFP again in a couple years.

    • If the City is going to say it is concerned with the health of its residents, then it needs to be consistent. Is a quick buck worth what the City will end up paying someday in brownfield remediation?

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