In Your Neighborhood: South Green

By , January 12, 2013 4:15 am

In Your Neighborhood is a weekly photo series showcasing Hartford’s various neighborhoods.

4 Responses to “In Your Neighborhood: South Green”

  1. Jim C says:

    3rd pic from top: Is that leatherclad guy packing a didgeridoo or is that a golf club in his left hand and a bucket of golf balls in his right?

    • That was the entire reason I included that blurry and technically bad photo. I am pretty sure it is a didgeridoo, and what are the odds of someone just carrying one around? I don’t know, but whatever it is, very cool.

  2. Tony C says:

    The South Green NRZ group is getting organized after a lengthy break. Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Bacon Congregate on Morris Street. Next meeting is Tuesday, February 12th at 5:30pm.

    • Anyone from the neighborhood can just show up, right? You don’t have to be affiliated with any business or organization? I know sometimes people don’t go to these kind of meetings because they think you need to be in some elite group to go.

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