Hartford’s 2013 Three Kings Day Parade

By , January 6, 2013 11:01 pm

The tradition goes like this: get bundled up and haul oneself out of the house at an early hour. Ask a half dozen random people along Park Street when they think they will get to see camels. Find no consensus except that it is too cold for standing around. Head toward the staging area to find that the ever-shrinking parade has finally kicked off. Hear several parade-goers ask why there is no marching band. Hear a few more complain that there was no promotion of this event. Within a few minutes, find word has gotten out and sidewalks have become congested. There is still no marching band, but the griping seems to have stopped.


The Three Kings Day Parade happens every January 6th to mark Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar's delivery of gifts to the baby Jesus. In Hartford, the parade gathers people as it makes its way down Park Street, beginning in the South Green neighborhood and ending in Frog Hollow. At Pope Park children receive gifts and wait in long lines for the chance to ride on one of the camels.


Watching the camels arrive in Pope Park

Waiting in line for a camel ride

Waiting in line for a camel ride

4 Responses to “Hartford’s 2013 Three Kings Day Parade”

  1. Jim Condren says:

    PeoplE who want marching bands in freezing weather have never played in a marching band in freezing weather.

  2. Jim Condren says:

    How come there is no Three Queens Day?

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