Hartford Mourns with Newtown

Candles remaining from Friday evening's vigil in Bushnell Park.

Fridays candlelight vigil began near the carousel. As it dispersed, votives were left
Friday's candlelight vigil began near the carousel. As it dispersed, votive and tea light candles were left in various locations, including next to the carousel. Those placed at the workers' memorial were to honor the adults who were killed while on the job in Newtown, Connecticut.
On Sunday afternoon, in sleet and drizzle, the community gathered to grieve alongside those near the New York border. The prayer was minimal, with leaders trying to make sense of the senseless.
(left to right) Mayor Segarra, State Rep.-Elect Brandon McGee, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, Secretary Treasurer of the Connecticut AFL-CIO Lori Pelletier
Mayor Segarra explained to children that the number of good people vastly outnumber the bad ones. A table was covered with pens, crayons, paper, and envelopes for anyone to write messages to those directly impacted by Friday's violence.
Lanterns were lit and released at the end of the gathering on Sunday.

There will be an interfaith prayer vigil
There will be an interfaith vigil at 6 tonight (December 16) near the Barnes and Noble in West Hartford's Blue Back Square.
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