A Little Brilliance and Vision

The takeaway from The Connecticut Forum on Saturday evening: if you want to be regarded as having vision and brilliance, you have to be given options in life.

Both Neil Gaiman and Neil deGrasse Tyson remarked that being able to work in the fields where their interests and talents could flourish is what enables them to be seen by others as visionaries. Though she did not say it, Neri Oxman‘s choices as a young adult exemplified this. She began pursuing one degree and was three years in before realizing that it was not for her. Had she not made the switch from medical school to architecture, her contributions may have been less groundbreaking.

Hearing this truth from these well-respected individuals, one is left to wonder– are all youth empowered by our society to explore their dreams and talents, or is their vision and brilliance potentially squashed by pushing them toward filling workforce demands?