Election Day

Voters at the Burns School in Hartfords Frog Hollow neighborhood
Voters at the Burns School in Hartford's Frog Hollow neighborhood

It’s always something at the Burns School, whether it’s poll workers giving incorrect information to voters, as has happened in past elections, or the doors being locked. In a previous election, voters were told by a school employee not to use an entrance that was clearly marked as one for the polls because school was in session. This morning, with school in session again during voting hours, some citizens found they could not get inside because all of the heavy doors were completely shut and no poll workers were nearby to hear knocks. This was eventually resolved by slightly propping the door.

Several parents wanted to know why Hartford Public Schools remained open today when schools in neighboring towns closed. One mother was concerned about the number of people entering the school, seeing this as a potential risk to her child’s safety.

Entering and leaving the Burns School on Election Day tends to be stressful with obnoxious in-your-face cheerleaders. Early this morning, it was quiet, with a notable absence of loud music. The cheerleaders only momentarily blocked the driveway, and instead of receiving a rude response when turning down literature because the voting had already happened, one of the men just said, “I love you.” Whether or not this civility is maintained through the afternoon remains to be seen.

Unregistered voters wait to vote for President at City Hall
Unregistered voters wait to vote for President at City Hall

Down at Hartford’s City Hall, where unregistered voters are permitted to cast a ballot for President only, the line snaked through the entire atrium and down the stairs. Several times the door opened, a person took one look at the line, and then walked away. To vote here, one needs only bring proof of residence.

Across the street, at the Hartford Public Library, campaign literature was being handed out on the sidewalk, too close to the actual polls, as is typically the case.

Inside, the library modified its offer to erase the fines for voters, extending the offer to all residents, citing that there are many individuals who are in process of becoming citizens and cannot vote yet.

One Hartford resident explained why he was not voting today– he thinks that the system is rigged and that “they” already know what the outcome will be. Vote…don’t vote, he said, it does not matter. But, he said, if [Romney] gets elected, we’ll be at war with Russia soon enough.

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