Leaf Collection

It’s not that complicated, but already, there are people managing to fail at something as simple as leaf disposal by raking these otherwise compostable materials into plastic bags.

Through the week of December 7, 2012, the City of Hartford will collect paper bags filled with leaves that are placed on the curb. They do not need to be in the special large bags sold in hardware stores, so long as they are placed in paper bags. These will be collected on the regular trash pickup day.

There will be two chances for residents to have leaves picked up just by raking them to the curb. Your leaf piles should appear no sooner than the Sunday before the scheduled collection week.

If you miss these times, you can haul your leaves and bad self down to the Hartford Bulky Waste & Recycling Transfer Station at 180 Leibert Road. It’s free to do so, but you will need a permit. You can drop off leaves there Tuesday through Saturday, 9a.m.-3p.m.

Whichever method, the DPW does not want your branches, rocks, lawn clippings, dog poop, or anything else mixed in with the leaves.

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