How Accessible is Downtown for Pedestrians and Cyclists?

By , September 25, 2012 7:52 am

Bike Walk Connecticut wants to know what is working and not working for cyclists and pedestrians in downtown Hartford. They have set up a survey to complete anonymously, if desired, and would like to hear from you by September 27th, as this Friday there will be an episode of Where We Live about the iQuilt Plan.

You can complete the survey here.

3 Responses to “How Accessible is Downtown for Pedestrians and Cyclists?”

  1. Josh LaPorte says:

    I responded to the survey. It was interesting to try to think of things that really work for pedestrians or bicyclists in downtown. I struggled a bit. I love the wide sidewalks and numerous crosswalks. As a bicyclist I cannot think of anything I like much about biking downtown. There is plenty of parking?

    My major comment was on pedestrian crossing signals throughout Hartford, which force the pedestrian to wait through a full cycle of the intersection’s traffic light and then make all directions of vehicular traffic wait while the pedestrian crosses. We can surely share; most cities I visit allow pedestrians to cross with traffic, so when the green light is given to the east-west vehicular traffic flow, the east west pedestrian flow get’s it’s walk light. This keeps traffic moving and prevents a great deal of frustration on everyone’s part.

  2. Richard says:

    Good thing I am still here today to write this. We were walking to envisionfest yesterday and two times were almost hit by people on bikes. We were walking down the sidewalk behind the Legislative office building to the park. Yeah okay it is a part of the bikeway but please. Get a bell for your bike and ring it. Everyone that came up behind us after that not one of them rang a bell to warn us. I yelled at them to get a bell one chap gave me the finger so I told him next time I will knock him over. Its enough to have to deal with cars turning on the walk light and on red and now we should deal with bikes on the sidewalks.

    We saw a bike accident at the bottom of the greenway where the pavement is very broken up. Guy took a bad spill. When we walked back home there were orange cones and barrels. Just like the city. I know you wrote about it before, now let’s hope they do something about it.

    As far as my comments on the survey, I want longer walk lights and no cars moving at that time. No turning on walk and no turning on red. First there are too many one to a car, why give such piglets any more. I say charge them to drive like that.

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