Obsession with Buried Treasure

In recent memory, Huck Finn Adventures was forced to stop its underground tours when lawyers decided the trips were too risky. Damned Connecticut, Hog River Journal, and the New York Times have all given the buried river coverage. In 2009, Team Crowbar explored it via inflatable raft and photographed the trip. Park Water Arts has given months of attention to the Park River this past year.

The Hog River Revival Kickstarter project, over 100% funded with time to spare, has hopped on the buried river bandwagon. Supporters of this project will receive art work of and inspired by the journey underground; those pledging over $500 are invited to tag along with project artists Joe McCarthy and Peter Albano when they walk through small conduits.

Joe McCarthy says  they are able to sidestep legal issues that others have been shut down for because they are not selling tours of the river. They say that their project is being backed by the iQuilt Plan and Bushnell Park Foundation.

McCarthy and Albano will have a retrospective exhibit at the ArtWalk gallery in December.

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