Community Dialogues on Adult Learning

As over ninety people filed into the library atrium, they were greeted by the aroma of vegetable pakora, a welcome alternative to the standard satisfying-but-dull sandwiches; a pianist played tunes to create an inviting mood for the Community Dialogue Kick-off Event last week.

“Diversity also means inclusiveness,” Mayor Segarra told the crowd, as he spoke in support for greater access to learning opportunities, especially for immigrants. A part of inclusiveness, he suggested, was making sure that immigrant community is not “placed in a holding pattern for ten or fifteen years.”

Segarra —  who described how at age fifteen, without a diploma, he attended college — was one of several speakers advocating for “Adult Learning as a Pathway to Change,” the theme of the Community Dialogues. (more…)

Rally For Trayvon Martin Scheduled for Saturday

Photo of Trayvon Martin provided by rally organizers

Hartford will be joining cities across Connecticut and the nation in protesting the murder of 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

At ten on the morning of March 31st, activists including Cornell Lewis and LaResse Harvey will gather at Albany and Main to demand justice for the killing of an unarmed youth.

Solidarity rallies are also planned for UConn (Storrs) and the University of New Haven. Another solidarity action is planned for Trinity College.

Where are the Comments?

Short answer: I don’t know.

Long answer: I noticed late Friday evening/early Saturday morning that all but one of the comments on a particular article disappeared. I looked further and saw this happened on other articles, but with no rhyme or reason. If I can figure a way to bring them back, I will. Sorry for the inconvenience.

38 Nominees for Teacher of the Year in Hartford

The Hartford Schools’ Teacher of the Year will be announced on May 24th at a banquet in the Marriott, but first, the list needs to be narrowed. David Medina explains that each nominated teacher will “undergo an intensive screening and interview process conducted by a special district-wide Teacher of the Year committee made up of Hartford Public School curriculum directors, officials from the Hartford Federation of Teachers and former winners of the event.”

The next step, he said, is for the committee to narrow the field to three finalists, who will be video-taped at their respective schools. They will then be “asked to complete a series of written essay questions,” Medina said.


Bridging Cultures Book Group

With funding in part from the Connecticut Humanities Council, the Hartford Public Library will be hosting a series of book discussions beginning on April 26th. The first text will be In the Name of Honor, the story of Mukhtar Mai, a Pakistani woman who fought back — and won — after she was gang raped.

The discussion will take place from 6-7:30pm. Additional discussions focused on Islam will take place in May and June.

A Twist — Not Really — in Trinity Assault Case

It has been confirmed by a high ranking employee of the college that all suspects in the assault on Chris Kenny are students from Trinity. It is expected that the Hartford Police Department will be making arrests after students return from Spring Break.

While this individual could not speak on the record, this statement was made in a public setting today.

UPDATE: I have received many emails and comments about this article. Rather than respond to all of them individually, I will use this space to clear up some questions.

While rumors had circulated about this information for weeks, I refused to publish them because they were simply coming from faculty and students who had been getting their information secondhand. When this Trinity employee spoke in public yesterday it was not to me, but everyone in the space could hear this conversation. It should be noted that this employee’s position requires being informed about this matter. Naming the individual could result in the loss of that person’s job, but those who have consistently read Real Hartford know that I do not print gossip nor invent information.

Furthermore, this article should not be construed as an attack upon the victim. While the employee had disclosed other details about the case, I opted to not publish those because they could be damaging to the case.

I chose to publish this information because from the start a vocal minority repeated the rumor that the attackers were from the local community. It is unjust to allow residents to worry about the potential of random assaults when we have reliable information that suggests the public is not in danger.

UPDATE: (27 March) To be clear, the information being reported was not invented by me. I am simply acting as the messenger, reporting on what was spoken loudly and clearly by a Trinity employee. If that person’s statement lacks truth, then it reflects poorly on a high-ranking employee making such comments, particularly when advised by the Trinity administration not to speculate on the case.

UPDATE: (15 May 2012) The Courant finally gets around to publishing information that has been circulating since March: “Internal Trinity Report: ‘Preppy-looking White Males’ Assaulted Student.”

UPDATE: (4 July 2012) Published on a holiday, the equivalent of publishing on a Friday afternoon, the Courant quotes political leaders calling out Trinity for mishandling the assault case. As a bonus, this is done during the summer when most students are no longer on campus.