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Christina Pumariega in Alfred Hitchcocks The 39 Steps // Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Christina Pumariega in Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps // Photo by T. Charles Erickson

In addition to the items that Kyle has posted on the Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog, here are a few more things happening this weekend you might want to know about:

This weekend is your last chance to see Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps at Hartford Stage, as it closes on May 1st. This is one of the most impressive plays I have seen at Hartford Stage. The adaptation by Patrick Barlow is dubbed a “comedy thriller,” but honestly, it’s primarily comedy. It’s creative, unpretentious, and worth checking out.


While they won’t be opening their doors at the crack of dawn, La Paloma Sabanera will have The Royal Wedding on their television. Of course, there will be tea to sip while watching the historical event. I realize Friday is not really the weekend, but I do know some people who have taken the day off from work specifically to watch this wedding on tv, so I guess it’s the weekend for them.


At ten, volunteers will meet in Baby Pope Park (Pope Park North) to do some Spring cleaning. From there, they will tackle Russ Street and Babcock Street. Another clean up beginning at the Billings Forge compound is supposed to meander over toward Babcock. Both will then take on Park Street, Lawrence Street, and Putnam Street. These events usually take three or four hours.


Wear comfortable shoes. Sunday is designated for walking.

The Walk Against Hunger check-in begins at 1pm at 690 Asylum Avenue. The actual walking begins at 2. It’s a very short, three mile walk through Asylum Hill and the West End. This is a fundraising event.

If your feet haven’t blistered over at that point, you can do some more traveling about the city with the SlutWalk from 3-5pm. This route has changed to a more manageable one, going from the Wadsworth Atheneum to the State Capitol. This is an awareness-raising event.

You can also be perfectly sedentary and take a stab at Connecticut Museum Quest’s new feature, the Sunday Stumper.

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Trinity Students Protest Hate on Campus

“We’re Here/We’re Queer/We’re Fabulous/Don’t Fuck with Us” was a chant heard on the Trinity College quad Tuesday afternoon. A few hundred students, faculty, and staff wearing neon green ribbons gathered in front of Mather Hall at noon to demand a Zero Tolerance policy for those committing acts of bigotry on campus. This protest was called in response to a series of hate crimes on the Trinity College campus. Most recently, a Latino Trinity student, according to a report in the Hartford Courant, was told to get off the campus by a white student. The Latino student was reportedly called a “nigger” after having a beer launched at his car. This was noted as the third reported racist incident on campus in approximately one month.

At Tuesday’s protest, a number of students held signs and wore name tags announcing who they were, that they were students, and that they were not to be referred to by various hate slurs. Before marching to the Dean of Students’ office and other locations on campus, several students and a professor spoke to the crowd. The professor said “we demand to live in a culture that is civilized.” A student speaker called for the isolation of those who commit hate crimes, explaining, “they divide our community […] they create an environment of fear.” Continue reading “Trinity Students Protest Hate on Campus”

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April’s Airing of Grievances Approaches

On Tuesday evening (April 26) there will be a public hearing for the fiscal year 2011-2012 budget. It begins at 6pm in the Bulkeley High School auditorium. If you want to speak, you need to get there early to sign up. These hearings typically last for hours, and at them, someone inevitably gripes about how his/her kids are with a babysitter who was only supposed to be there until eight. Don’t be that person. Budget for the sitter to stay longer or bring the kids with you.

The video below is Councilor Cotto talking about some of the budget basics — where the money comes from and where it goes.

You can also read the City of Hartford recommended budget here. If you’re going to complain about government spending (or cuts) at least take some time to educate yourself first.

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Sluts on Parade!

If you’re female, you’ve no doubt received well-meaning advice to not walk alone (especially at night), perhaps not wear hair in a ponytail, and be careful, be careful, be careful. Such advice is utterly demeaning to women and removes all responsibility from those who commit the crimes. In Toronto, law students were given some equally disempowering and, dare I say it, misogynist advice from a police officer. Though he has since apologized, the officer informed the students that if they wished to not become victims, they should avoid dressing like “sluts.”

Besides that such a comment blames the victims instead of the assailants, it shows ignorance about the nature of rape. This crime is about “power, control, and anger.” It’s not about sex, even if that is used as a weapon. When a person of authority, such as a police officer, distributes such harmful information, it perpetuates the type of culture that makes crimes against women possible, the type in which rapists are rarely punished, and women spend their lives fearful of becoming (re)victimized. Furthermore, those who do become victims have less faith in the law enforcement agencies; if a crime is reported, will the police be supportive of the victim, or will they blame her?

In early April, approximately 3000-4000 people in Toronto marched to the police department in a procession called the SlutWalk. Its intention was to call out the member of the Toronto Police force for insensitivity and to demand accountability. Since then, a number of other SlutWalks have occurred and/or are planned. This has spread from various sites in Canada to cities in the United States, including Orlando, Dallas, Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Hartford.

The Hartford SlutWalk will take place on May 1st and the march will go from Jennings Road to the State Capitol. People may choose to “dress like sluts,” whatever that entails, or not. The purpose of this is not to put on a fashion show; rather, it’s a show of unity. As the event organizer writes, “it is about whole communities standing up for what is right, and asserting that blaming victims for the pain, degradation, and dehumanization they have endured is intolerable.” It’s about reclaiming a term that is used to degrade women; females are frequently judged on their sexuality (real or perceived) when terms like slut, prude, whore, uptight, and ho are tossed around. Judging someone on such grounds is a way to objectify the person; it enables the rationalization of inequity, mistreatment, and worse.

If you’re wondering about how to best prevent rape, check out this factsheet.

UPDATED 4/28/11: Some of the details of the walk have changed. It will go from in front of the Wadsworth Atheneum to the State Capitol, instead of beginning at the police station on Jennings Road.

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Saluting Parkville Cuisine

The First Night banners — displayed for months after the New Year’s Eve event had passed — around Bushnell Park were exchanged for fresher ones that are not specific to any season.

One banner depicts Tastease donuts, which have gotten a load of press, are located in a visible spot on a main thoroughfare, and are now stocked at The Market at Hartford 21.

Other banners declare that Hartford has “fun” and “style.” Well, duh.

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