New Life for the Pump House Gallery

By , July 31, 2010 7:09 pm

The Pump House on the edge of Bushnell Park has been closed for a few years. In past incarnations, it has been a cafe and a grill, in addition to a gallery.

On August 26th, there will be an art opening at the Pump House Gallery. Before this happens, the building and grounds will need some sprucing up.

This morning, community volunteers began to remove weeds and overgrown vegetation from the patio that faces Pulaski Circle.

Inside the building, volunteers began to clean and refresh the movable canvas walls which art will be mounted on later. A more thorough clean up of the park will be happening on Thursday, August 26th during the Week of the Parks. Attending to the overgrown hedges around the Pump House is one of the items on the City’s to do list for late August.

The purpose of the pumps at the Pump House is to help the buried Park River make its way to the Connecticut River.

More photos of the Pump House Gallery and in progress clean up efforts: here.

4 Responses to “New Life for the Pump House Gallery”

  1. Robin says:

    So excited, we just walked by it tonight on our way to dinner and were lamenting it’s demise. Looking forward to it’s reincarnation.

  2. Richard says:

    This is exciting news. The Pump House Gallery was always a treat to visit. For years the LGBT PRIDE committee held a survey of art from our communtiy there.

    Who is going to run the place? Will it become a full time gallery?

  3. Luis Cotto says:

    The gallery will have regular hours when an exhibit is present. The gallery will be run by the City’s Office of Cultural Affairs and its head, Andres Chaparro.

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