Segarra’s Got Drive

By , July 28, 2010 12:13 am

WNPR’s Jeff Cohen reports that Mayor Segarra has already begun to cut unnecessary spending. One of the slashed items has been a driver for the Mayor. Segarra says:

“I already know that if i don’t have a driver, I’m going to be 10 minutes late to every single appointment. And that’s the consequence. But hopefully I’ll make it up at the end of the day, right?”

For more updates about Segarra’s first month as the mayor, read “Butt Ugly Building On Its Way. Could The Capitol West Building Be Next?” or listen online.

4 Responses to “Segarra’s Got Drive”

  1. Richard says:

    Why be late? Leave early. No excuses please. I walk or take the bus am never late for any appointments. But of course I am not the first gay mayor of a small city. Pleaseeeee dear let’s not do fashionably late gay time. That is so out of fashion.

    How can one make up at the end of the day the appointment passed, the making everyone else late if there is a late start to the meeting or what you have missed by being late.

    Come on Mr. Mayor let’s be on time as a part of the new and not be disrespectful of others.

    • Karma says:

      Speaking of respect, why the need to mention sexual orientation at all in that comment? “Fashionably late gay time,” really? Lets stick to the topic at hand, Hartford. Of course I just contradicted myself by stooping to comment on that comment, fail.

    • Dan Russell says:

      This is a news item about saving money for the city, or possibly one about the elimination of a job (if you must make it negative), that features a quote that’s likely a joke. It’s not cause to invent a stereotype about gay people.

      • Richard says:

        Oh heavens that sterotype has been around for years in the gay community. One still hears it quite a bit. Its a big joke amongst us queers. I would gather then since our mayor is gay that we can and let me tell you we will bring up gayness and gay thought when the shoe fits. No we don’t hide nor do some of us wish to blend in with straight. Neither you Dan or Karma got the point of my comment.

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