Demolition Today

By , June 28, 2010 7:05 am

Will this become yet another parking lot?

142-144 Park Terrace is slated for demolition today. The City’s assessor website lists “142 PT LLC” as the owner of 142 Park Terrace. The six-unit apartment building is suffering from internal collapse.

You can see more photos of the structure, pre-demolition, on my Photobucket page.

2 Responses to “Demolition Today”

  1. Karma says:


  2. Richard says:

    I was always worried about that building on the days I walked up the hill to the bus. Last year someone had dug out quite a bit of soil from in the front almost right up to the front porch. I was wondering how long it would take before the whole thing collasped. I like some of the art on the building exp. the piece near the front door.

    I hope any folks who used the building as a home can now find a new building to get in out of the elements. That is always a part of the problem with knocking down buildings some folks do indeed us them as their home. Anyway it sure will look strange without this building as its always been there.

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