Antiquated Code Repealed!

By , June 28, 2010 7:28 pm

With only Calixto Torres playing the Debbie Downer role, the “Ordinance repealing Chapter 31, Article I, Section 31-5 of Code de Skateboards” was approved. This means that skateboards are now allowed on sidewalks. They had actually been banned since the late 1970s.

Some thoughts on the discussion concerning skateboarding:

  • fear of lawsuits should not guide anyone’s actions. That is no way to live.
  • the concern for safety is a false one. If we are genuinely afraid of people getting hurt, ban the use of automobiles. The number of people hurt and killed by automobiles greatly outnumbers that of those injured or killed on skateboards.
  • there is absolutely no way to justify the use of Segways on sidewalks, while claiming that skateboards would cause problems. Boards take up less space. Maybe those patrolling Downtown on Segways could switch over to skateboards.
  • skateboards do not significantly contribute to noise or air pollution. They do not require parking spaces. While this is not going to create revenue, it’s not going to require any changes to infrastructure.
  • we should be encouraging youth to be more physically active.  The number of overweight and obese youth is not one of Hartford’s strengths.

One Response to “Antiquated Code Repealed!”

  1. Richard says:


    I don’t know about this. I say all wheels except suitcase wheels, shopping carts, old folks with walkers, baby carriages etc. should get off the sidewalk. Get in the street where you belong. I hate it when a bike sneaks up on a person and puts that person in danger. Many times while standing waiting for a bus I have turned quickly good thing I didn’t move and have almost been hit. Bells on a bike most folks have never heard of such a thing. Don’t even get me started on the foolishness of the Segway that I see downtown. Get thee in the road too.

    You know I am all for banning cars. I hate the suckers.

    Yes, I hate wheels on the sidewalk. Bikes, Segways and skateboards on the side walk should be banned. Sidewalks are for feet. Roads are for wheels. Too bad bike and skateboarders wheels have to share it with cars as drivers are sure crazy the way they zoom around. But that’s all wheels problem not the walker getting from here to there. Sidewalks are for walkers. Runners should be in the road too. Breath deeply, love those fumes, you know you do or you would be out in the country running your skinny legs off. Perhaps more folks should be out walking but then this is a drive a car, ride a bike type of a place. You really don’t know what you are missing.

    Fat youth will be with us always as so many just sit around playing and playing those computer games and eating potato chips and other terrible food given to them by the mothers and fathers of america who go out and drive crazy in cars that make it nasty for us walkers meanwhile polluting the earth and runners lungs. Perhaps more gym, or nutritional classes should be held in school. Perhaps parents should go back to school too.

    I can almost say with certainty that the obese and overweight youth of Hartford didn’t grow that way because of the ordinance forbidding skateboarding on the sidewalk. I didn’t even know there was such a thing on the books. Guess the cops didn’t either. Guess the terrible snack eaters did as they sat around boo hooing filling their fat little mouths becoming obese and overweight because they couldn’t ride their skate boards on the sidewalk. Who’s too say that they now will jump up and skateboard themselves thin.

    I am all for the skateboarding park. Its better than having the kids jump all over buildings, flower planters, stairs and where ever else they jump. When we were in Providence there is a wonderful skateboard area with lots of kids in the evening doing their thing. Do they still go out and take a challenge around the city, I am sure they do.

    Gee I am so happy that Hartford’s city council has taken up the issue of the century and is working hard to solve this problem. What hip and groovy folks we have running the city. Groovy and hip in more ways than one. No wonder I do not vote anymore.

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