Antiquated Code Repealed!

With only Calixto Torres playing the Debbie Downer role, the “Ordinance repealing Chapter 31, Article I, Section 31-5 of Code de Skateboards” was approved. This means that skateboards are now allowed on sidewalks. They had actually been banned since the late 1970s.

Some thoughts on the discussion concerning skateboarding:

  • fear of lawsuits should not guide anyone’s actions. That is no way to live.
  • the concern for safety is a false one. If we are genuinely afraid of people getting hurt, ban the use of automobiles. The number of people hurt and killed by automobiles greatly outnumbers that of those injured or killed on skateboards.
  • there is absolutely no way to justify the use of Segways on sidewalks, while claiming that skateboards would cause problems. Boards take up less space. Maybe those patrolling Downtown on Segways could switch over to skateboards.
  • skateboards do not significantly contribute to noise or air pollution. They do not require parking spaces. While this is not going to create revenue, it’s not going to require any changes to infrastructure.
  • we should be encouraging youth to be more physically active.  The number of overweight and obese youth is not one of Hartford’s strengths.