Scenes from the Sidewalk: Installment Seventeen

By , June 27, 2010 4:40 am

4 Responses to “Scenes from the Sidewalk: Installment Seventeen”

  1. Waiting for Richard to comment on this one :-)

    • Richard says:

      Ha Ha Ha! Looks like little beauty queen has either seen a ghost or is going to jump right out of the picture. Wa Wa Wa let me out of here. Are my eyes playing tricks or does little pooper dooper have smeared lipstick? But if the truth be told I would rather have a picture of a little wa wa, stinky pants in my home than the real deal. Too much noise and too much work and I gag easy so I wouldn’t want to wash all those diapers. Plastic ones just don’t cut it as I would not want to help fill up the landfills with my being fruitful and multiplying.

      Now the art part. Does any little bundle of job really look like that? But then in the world of art that is okay, give her smeared lipstick or a nice green line down her face as we all know that art is nice and one can get away with a lot as long as the artist can convince others to clap clap. Can I be just a bit liberal here and say, “Well at least the buyers of this type of art are buying something that a person made, a handmade, not a reproduction of horses running in a field, a sunset, a cow eating grass, a race car or jesus on the cross.” So they are buying the real deal supporting the arts in Hartford and someone who says, “I am artist,” gets to eat.

      I would think if I was going to lay down my hard earned cash I would want a picture of sweet suzie in this case and this context to look like sweet suzie. But I suppose if one is all ga ga and a proud momma or pappa then their baby would grow into the picture and they would tell everyone see its sweet suzie isn’t she the prettiest little baby in town. Even if sweet suzie looked nothing like her picture everyone would agree so as not to offend anyone else or to allow anyone else to think they need new glasses or something.

      I love the idea of air brush. Let me go out and brush the air. Could make a good 1 min. art piece. I won’t even get into all the ideas that could flow out of a perfect gift along with a picture of a baby. I have always loved the flyers from stores that say, ‘Baby Sale.’

      As always Kerri thanks for the art that you do in your Scenes From The Sidewalk. You know that us folks over at queerartist sure do love this work. And dear heart you are really on a role lately with some damn good interesting postings. Can’t wait for your casa linda series.

      • Thanks!

        This sign/ad made me laugh because it was actually large enough to see half a block away, which is pretty good for something DIY. I spotted another one of these on Sigourney today. . . this one, a male baby, I think. Not sure I’d wear one of these on a t-shirt, but I’d love to see the artist get commissioned to do a whole airbrush mural somewhere.

        • Richard says:

          A thousand babies on parade. The baby is rather “out there somewhere,” which does make for some interesting art. Oh my goodness I just noticed that is lipstick in the babies hand. I thought it was a flower to match the thing in her hair. Now its even more cute and percious. I’ll buy one and donate it to some granma. Better remember to wear my glasses when looking at art.

          When I was small I had a stuffed monkey which was my girlfriend. (didn’t know any better in those days) I put lipstick all over her mouth once, got in trouble and my mother threw the monkey away.

          What do you think is up with this artist? Maybe this isn’t a portrait of a real deal but one that is made up using cute baby antics. Oh art can be so confusing sometimes I really should stick to napping.

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