Greater Hartford Puerto Rican Day Parade: Before, During, and After — Part One

The official Greater Hartford Puerto Rican Day Parade traveled down Wethersfield Avenue and Main Street on Sunday, but an unofficial pre-parade began the night before on Park Street and continued until at least three in the morning.  I have included photos and videos from both events.

The Greater Hartford Puerto Rican Day Parade has been happening in Connecticut for 47 years — longer than the Greater Hartford St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

To the left is a photo of cars doing burnouts on Park Street. This happened about once every five or ten minutes.

Horns and hollering could be heard at least two blocks away.

For most of the evening there was nary a cop in sight on Park Street.

The man in the video above was also doing suggestive dancing with the street, but I failed to capture that on camera. You’re welcome.

Most of the autos participating were of the nondescript variety, but a few classics passed through.

To the left of the ambulance is where the main area of the  Lyric Theater used to be.

There were many SUVs, cars, and minivans with people hanging out of windows, sunroofs, and doors.

The firefighters had chairs set up so they could watch the action.

The Festival del Coqui followed the official parade today.

Notice the three flags: Puerto Rico, Connecticut, and United States.

The Riverfront Plaza was packed following the parade.

I hope my tax dollars did not pay for that hat.

Bikes were — as they should be — everywhere.

If only one could stand in the middle of Main Street every day.

Pageant winners were in abundance.

If you have ever stared at the ceiling until five in the morning wondering where ever you could possibly find an inflatable dolphin, wonder no longer.

There were more police and security at the official parade than at the gathering last night.

To view more photos, go to my Photobucket page.

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