Best of…Hartford?

By , April 21, 2010 2:28 pm

The Hartford Advocate’s 2010 Best of Hartford Readers’ Poll results were released. Congrats to:

  • La Paloma Sabanera — third place for Best Local Coffeehouse
  • The Russell — third place for Best Jamaican Restaurant and third place Best Soul Food
  • Tangiers — second place for Best Middle Eastern Restaurant (not in Hartford)
  • O’Porto —¬† Best Portuguese Restaurant

I take food seriously and was glad to see these folks made the list.

Congrats also to:

  • Jumping Frog — third place Best Indie Book Store
  • WWUH — second place Best College Radio Station (not in Hartford)
  • Urban Compass — third place for Best Local Blog (should have ranked first, in my opinion)
  • Connecticut Science Center — Best Local Attraction
  • Maria Rodriguez — Best Local Hero
  • West End — Best Neighborhood*
  • Frog Hollow – third place Best Neighborhood*
  • Bushnell Park — second place Best Park¬†

Asterisks indicate problematic category, as second place winner for Best Neighborhood is not in Hartford and is more of a business district than actual neighborhood.

13 Responses to “Best of…Hartford?”

  1. Karma says:

    For these reasons I have practically gotten to the point where I don’t even bother to look up the winners (lets not even mention the beer-related categories). Rather irksome.

    • I had to look because of the blog category, and then I got sucked in. Personally, I think Heather should have gotten first, second, and third place because of the incredible amount of research, thought, and writing ability that goes into and is displayed on her blog.

  2. Helder says:

    Thanks for posting those. Some of them are very warranted, some naturally, piss me off. Perhaps, Karma, we should just conduct our own Best Of… and award them on our websites. Like, best places to bike/walk to.

  3. Chris says:

    I think Corbin’s Corner is a much more vibrant neighborhood than Blue Back Square.

  4. Jokolok says:

    Who can we get to FOI the results who won’t look like their doing it out of spite? My own theory is that some results are tied into ad revenue. Obviously not things like Best Neighborhood or Best Blog, but I’ve been on a kick of wanting to FOI a newspaper, maybe this can be the fun exercise. :-)

    • One of my students actually complained in class (months ago when the poll was open) about how the poll was surrounded by ads. He thought that this was showing a certain bias and leading people to vote in one way or another. I thought this was an astute observation.

    • I am thinking you’re joking about FOI-ing a newspaper, but not sure. In any case, can regular people do that? I’d like for them to publish the actual vote counts. That’d be telling.

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  6. Richard says:

    I have always thought that the “Best of this and that,” was a very foolish adolescent waste of time but what can one expect from the culturally acceptable counter culture rag the advocate. Wouldn’t even spend the time to open up that paper.

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