Towing Reform

George Gombossy (formerly of the Courant) reports that there will be some significant towing policy changes in Hartford. A few years ago when my stolen car had been recovered, I was informed that it was towed (without my consent or choice of who would tow it) to an autobody and storage in the South Meadows. While this was not the biggest headache in the entire ordeal, I would have preferred to have my car towed using AAA and brought to an autoshop I had already developed a relationship with. Fortunately, it looks like others those cars break down or are stolen will not have to tolerate the HPD making these types of decisions for them in the future.

Whirling and Twirling

Despite not being a fan of Sol Lewitt‘s works — Cleve Gray is more my speed — I can’t think of a more appropriate place within the walls of the Wadsworth Atheneum for the monthly First Thursday cocktail event to be held in view of. “Wall Drawing #1131, Whirls and Twirls” is a visual echo of the frenetic chattering that characterizes gatherings of artists and art aficionados. There will be an interactive art activity inspired by this mural; this will involve t-shirts and movement, and will be both filmed and photographed.

Other Art After Hours activities include music by The Bus Drivers and an outdoor screening of Running Fence, if the weather permits.

Art After Hours begins at 5pm on Thursday, September 3rd.

Cool It

The beach is nice, but let’s be honest, it’s a hassle whether you’re going alone or schlepping a family. If the goal is to cool off and relax, then the long trip filled with traffic and whining seems ultra pointless since few beaches seem to have any shaded areas on the sand. Then there’s the resulting sun burns. Sounds like a blast. (more…)

What is the Point of This?

I was recently asked by someone about the focus of my blog. Although I have attempted to explain that in the “about” section, I guess I should place it out here.

It’s easier for me to explain what I am not attempting to do. As this blog has one author who has other employment, I do not have the time to comprehensively cover all news items in Hartford. But, with a few exceptions, I am only interested in blogging about news in Hartford. I make no attempt to go after items from areas of the city where I do not live, work, or hang out. Maybe I can do that someday. Right now, I feel strongly that I should write about what I know. I do not know, for example, Garden Street. Spending a week on one street would not make me qualified to know it. (more…)

All Dressed Up with No Place to Hoe

If you’ve never had that feeling of being stood up, then consider yourself lucky. What does it feel like? After the first few minutes, one tries to imagine that the date is stuck in traffic. Maybe he was reeled into a conversation that he could not politely untangle himself from. Then, as time ticks by one might become annoyed, perhaps angry. Then comes the guilt. What if he was in an accident? What if he was sick? One begins to feel selfish for being annoyed in the first place. And then he shows up. He offers a brief apology and then says he has only a few minutes. (Very Big from SATC) But this is the modern age, right? If a person is delayed by about half an hour, he can make a phone call to express his regret for being late.

Last night was the annual community garden tour. For the past week or so I had been visiting my spot in the West End Garden to make sure that it was respectable if the tour happened by there. I had been planning to go to the Niles Street garden at 5:30 to participate, but a friend with a plot at the Affleck Street garden said that he had been asked to be in his garden at 6 for when the tour came around. I was running late, it was hot, and his garden was a five minute walk as compared to the twenty minute sweatfest that going to Niles Street would be. I opted to join him and figured I could always join the group for the rest of the tour.

Monthly Dance Party Leaving Hartford

Shag Frenzy has changed venues often, but they’ve finally moved to a place I won’t go: Middletown.

The free monthly dance party has been held at places like the Webster Underground, Sweet Jane’s, and most recently, The Warehouse. Part of the charm, for me, was that dancing was the focus. Not drinking (people drink, but it never seemed like I was surrounded by underage kids binge drinking). It wasn’t a meat market (aside from the very occasional slimy guy, it was mainly a place for friends to have fun). I’ve never run into my students there. Super bonus points for places that my students don’t go.

What Would Twain Tweet?

When asked about what Twitter is, I can only explain that it’s addictive and should be avoided. It lends itself to narcissism and helps contribute to the godawful culture in which people would rather check cell phones constantly than enjoy the company of people who are in the room with them. It’s also useful for spreading information about news events, notifying others about blog and website updates, and keeping in touch with friends during the day.

In mid-September (I’m posting this now so that everyone has something to look forward to once summer ends) the Mark Twain House will be hosting the conversation, “What Would Twain Tweet?” Mark Twain, mostly famous for his novels, had a writing style that easily lends itself to the 140 character format, as one can see by browsing the Twain Quotes website:

It is no use to keep private information which you can’t show off.