Connecticut Science Center Blast Out of this World

On Saturday, May 30th, the Connecticut Science Center hosted “Out of this World,” a pre-opening celebration. You’ll probably read plenty of fact-filled reviews and articles about the new center; let me guide you through the gala and science center with no attempt at objectivity. Continue reading “Connecticut Science Center Blast Out of this World”

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Muscular Stimulus

I’ve always envied Linda Hamilton’s “I-will-throw-your-ass-off-a-building-as-soon-as-look-at-you” muscles in Terminator II. Just this morning I was lamenting the sad state of my biceps. Hours later, I learned via Hartford Cityline that a new gym was added to the third floor of City Hall. Continue reading “Muscular Stimulus”

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Public Art in Parkville and Frog Hollow

Over the last few days, a series of white poles have popped up on a hill in Pope Park. From a distance, they do not look like anything other than stakes hammered into the ground. The clotheslines actually form a labyrinth which allegedly “addresses the migratory voyages of the residents who reside in the neighborhood.” The artist, Satch Hoyt, is one of four who have public art projects sponsored by Real Art Ways.
Continue reading “Public Art in Parkville and Frog Hollow”

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22nd Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

May 22-30, 2009 at Cinestudio, the CT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival returns to Hartford. And really, how can anyone resist seeing a nine minute film called Shafted with this as the description:

When femme lesbian Lyndsay finds that her butch ex took all of their sex toys she will do whatever it takes to seek justice.

For the full schedule of films, see the official website.

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Martin Espada at The Studio

UPDATE 5/14: The venue has been changed from The Studio to La Paloma Sabanera, which is located at the corner of Babcock and Capitol.

On May 14th, poet Martin Espada will be reading as part of the Hartford Office of Cultural Affairs’ Spring Spoken Word Series. The performance will be from 7-9pm. The Studio is located at 563 Broad Street.

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Revised, Ready, and Waiting

A few months ago when the revision process began, there was a public hearing. Subsequently, at every meeting of the Charter Revision Commission, the public have had the opportunity to vent voice their concerns for a few minutes. During the regular meetings, less than a handful of people bothered to show up to express their opinions. Predictably, some have already begun to complain about the outcome. This kind of kvetching into the abyss is purposeless and would be more effective if directed to those who have at least a semblance of control over the matter. Draft revisions are being made available beginning on Monday and can be picked up in the Town Clerk’s Office and in City Council Offices, as well as online. Since there are actually some major suggested changes, I do think it’s worth taking the time to read through and show up at the public hearing if Hartford’s politics even remotely matter to you. This Wednesday (May 13th) a public hearing will be held at 6pm in the Hartford Public Library.

Here is a preview of some of the revised sections:

Composition of the Court of Common Council. (it is changing!)

The Council shall consist of thirteen members, consisting of one member elected from each of five Districts and eight elected at large. The Council shall designate such council districts by number. The maximum number of at-large members of the Council who may be members of the same political party shall reflect the requirements of the General Statutes with respect to minority party representation.

The following section explains how the districts will be determined, providing an idea about why there is this desire to switch from At-Large to Hybrid.

Sec. 6 Establishment of Districts for Court of Common Council.
(a) No later than thirty (30) days following the completion of reapportionment of the General Assembly, as required by the Constitution of the State of Connecticut, as further set forth in the General Statutes, the Council shall appoint a districting commission consisting of seven (7) to fifteen (15) members, no more than fifty (50%) percent of whom shall be members of the same political party (“Appointment Date”). The districting commission shall report to the Council no later than seventy (70) days following the Appointment Date, setting forth the recommended boundaries of the five (5) Council districts.

(b) Council districts shall be:

(1) of substantially equal population and otherwise consistent with all federal and state constitutional and statutory requirements;

(2) to the extent possible, consistent with preceding, maintain the integrity of recognized neighborhood planning areas;

(3) geographically contiguous and compact; and

(4) to the extent possible consistent with the preceding, consistent with existing legislative districts.

(c) The districting commission shall be supported in its work by appropriate City staff which shall have available to it the necessary support to facilitate the work of the commission and well as such other professional assistance (subject to appropriation) as it shall choose.

(d) The districting commission shall hold a public hearing at least one week before it submits its report to the Council, and shall make a tentative map of its proposed districts available to the public electronically, in hard copy available at the City Clerk’s office, and by causing it to be published in one or more newspapers of daily circulation in the City at least three (3) days before the public hearing. The districting commission may modify the tentative districts before submitting its report to the Council.

(e) The Council shall vote on the establishment of Council districts within three (3) weeks of its receipt of the districting commission’s report. The Council may amend the district boundaries recommended by the districting commission before approving districts, but the districts approved by the Council must comply with the standards of subsection (c) of this section. A resolution approving districts must be affirmatively supported by a majority of the members of Council, and shall not be subject to veto by the Mayor.
Continue reading “Revised, Ready, and Waiting”

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Connecticut Open House Day

Mark your calendars!

On June 13th (my birthday– woot!) there will be free and discounted admissions to a number of fun, historical, and educational places in Connecticut. The full list can be found here, but I’ve compiled a list of places that I’d personally like to visit:

Hartford Belle Cruises
Charter Oak Landing
Reserve Rd.
Hartford,, CT
(860) 665-9428

Purchase one sightseeing cruise ticket (either 60 minute or 90 minute cruise) at the regular fare and get a second ticket of equal or lesser value for $1. Boat capacity is limited and this will be offered on a first come first serve basis. No reservations will be accepted.

Details are important to me as a writer. I like to look at a subject from as many perspectives as possible.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Hartford
on foot, dodging cars that disobey pedestrian walk signals, dodging
gratuitously strewn chunks of glass and the occasional dimebag.
on bicycle, dodging trash left in bike lanes, dodging cars driven by people who don’t think of bikes as real forms of transportation, dodging basically everything.
on bus, or on foot chasing down the bus that rolled by the marked stop
zooming through via interstate, painting the barriers along the curves that should not see 75m.p.h. traffic, bumper-to-bumper
in a small airplane, traffic helicopter, Lifestar or on the top floor of a taller building.
by riverboat, very Twainesque, leisurely rolling up the Connecticut River, watching people fishing and playing along the Riverfront.
on horseback, littering the streets with manure, as the Hartford Police Department Mounted Patrol Unit do
canoeing the buried river in search of secrets, artifacts, and abandoned cars
on a pocketbike (under the wheels of the car that didn’t see you)
by skateboard at Heaven
on train, cutting through industrial areas.
rollerskating over broken sidewalk or along the Riverfront– one pleasant, one a surefire way to skin the knees
in a car with the license plate in the back window, making a left hand turn from the far right lane when the light is red.
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Art After Hours

This Thursday is the Wadsworth Atheneum’s First Thursday event. From 5-8pm there will be live music (which, in my experience, has never been at a volume that discourages conversation) by Samba Brasil, along with dance instruction. The museum’s director will be giving a gallery talk at 6pm. There is food provided by The Russell and rumor has it, there will be a cake. The galleries and gift shop will be open until 8pm.

At 8pm, there will be a screening of Slumdog Millionaire. The tickets for this are sold separately.

Allegedly this costs $5, but Phoenix employees and those affiliated with corporate donors (University of Hartford is on that list) get in for free. I find that most ticket prices can be negotiated, but you should probably pay if you can because, you know, the economy sucks.

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More Spring Photos

Photo taken from Constitution Plaza during my lunch break, where I saw that the Connecticut Science Center (pictured below)is beginning to seriously finish the area around the building. Light fixtures have been erected and raised concrete structures (for plants?) are visible.

This is the ground level of the CT Science Center. When it opens, I plan to make a beeline for the third and fourth floors.

From there I went down to Charter Oak Landing, which requires traveling through the land that time forgot. Continue reading “More Spring Photos”

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Fiona Stone Closing, Again

That was short lived. After recently reopening on Pratt Street, Fiona Stone Boutique is closing. They explain:


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