Everybody Panic!

By , April 23, 2009 7:10 am

image from Dr. Jan Michels, Alfred Wegener Institute and Dr. Olga Lévai, Leica Microsytems GmbH, Germany (via Smithsonian site)By the sound of it, you would think that raw sewage was dumped into the local water supply. Whatever happened to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” The MDC reports that some darling microorganisms were found in the water supply for Hartford and other nearby towns. The news media have been passing along the message that we should boil our drinking water for one minute because of this; however, these critters have not been found to do any harm. Copepods and rotifers — while not the most delightful in appearance — are not even reported as a threat for the elderly or those with medical conditions.

If there’s no problem, then what’s the problem?

11 Responses to “Everybody Panic!”

  1. Chris says:

    Aww crap.
    Does this mean my tap water isn’t vegetarian?

    Also, rotifers reminds me of roti, so now I’m craving West Indian food at 9 AM.

  2. kerri says:

    That was my concern. My water is not vegan or kosher. Dang.

  3. Karen says:

    Hey man, I was all cool with it until Dave mentioned bacteria attaching to the little buggers. Other than being generally grossed out by the idea, I don’t so much care about myself. Kidlet and pups on the other hand? Wellll… better to be safe than sorry for them. Did you know most of the businesses downtown aren’t even serving coffee in their cafeterias?

  4. kerri says:

    I had iced coffee this morning with ice cubes and everything.

  5. lobonick says:

    MDC is a monopoly that is a billion dollar operation. They are in the process of starting one of the largest cash projects ever attempted in the US (re: so-called sewer repair for Hartford). On paper, the MDC is loaded with money in preparation for this project. Now there are micro-organisms in the water. Interesting.

    As a quasi-public agency controlling a critical resource, the MDC holds real power. It is almost like they are reminding the public just how important they are. A cry for more funds ?

  6. kerri says:

    “It is almost like they are reminding the public just how important they are. A cry for more funds ?”

    That was my first impression. And when better than on Earth Day?

  7. AmyBergquist says:

    Libby is on bottled Poland Spring right now and threatening to demand Evian soon… How the heck am I going to get her to go back to tap water after this?

  8. kerri says:

    I filtered, boiled, and refiltered the water for my kitties. They’re spoiled brats. If they refuse regular once-filtered water after this, I’ll have only myself to blame.

  9. EmGee says:

    Apparently I’m a terrible cat mom, because little Fizz is consuming tap water as usual. I figure if I’m taking the risk, she can stand by me in solidarity. I know she would agree if she could talk.

  10. kerri says:

    I boiled and filtered water for Desdemona and Cecilia. They have been drinking very little of it, preferring their tap water to be simply filtered. Fizz is lucky to have normal tasting water. Once I use up the already boiled water, I’m just giving them regular tap again. I’d rather they not be dehydrated. And anyway, Desdemona has been caught eating random things that she has dragged out from beneath the fridge. Those scraps are more dangerous than microscopic lobsters.

  11. EmGee says:

    Sounds like Fizz and Desdemona would get along very well. They could go on safari for dust bunnies and random plastic things and scary objects from underneath the fridge.

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