Hear This!

My intentions to write a thorough report on last night’s budget hearing got blown to hell by my inability to intently listen to four hours’ worth of whining, threatening, and begging. Here are a few of the highlights from the event and isweartogod I can’t make this stuff up:

-the largest group to speak were those on behalf of Youth Services, many of whom were minors. The cuteness of elementary school students reading messages clearly penned or heavily coached by adults lost its charm before it even got started. Cityline tweeted:

Kids are apparently here as an early strike against a suggestion on the council to merge a couple of youth offices.

I would have liked more of the variety of comments unleashed by the young lasses who testified that Youth Services is what stopped them from “smokin’ and drinkin’ and fightin’ in the streets.”

As with every other public hearing, the “rules” were not enforced, which allowed many people representing a single organization to speak, rather than have one representative. Manipulating children and wasting time wouldn’t win me over; guess it’s good that I’m not a politician.

-a man stood up at random and bellowed about how no taxpayers had spoke out yet, about half a dozen speakers into the evening. Nobody gave him the memo, apparently, that explained that “public meeting” does not mean “taxpayer meeting.
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Apocalyptic Message of the Day

The MDC has announced that we no longer “need” to boil our drinking water in Hartford. This is a relief because it’s really hard to multitask in terms of health-related panic, what with the Swine Flu now dominating the news media. I advise readers to stop eating pork and kissing pigs until this epidemic is under control. When finished worrying about the Swine Flu, check out this list for more things to be paranoid about.

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It’s petty, I know, but I have walked out of bars when I was informed that the bartender did not know how to make a Mojito. It’s not like I was asking for something obscure, and of course, I am understanding when places do not keep a supply of mint on hand. Lacking ingredients is different from lacking know-how. I’m not going to name names, but I walked there hoping to catch Mike Lowell on the big screen; having a large tap selection does not impress me– I’m not a beer drinker.

As discussed in a previous post, I’m really not a big drinker at all. I did not have the “typical college experience” and find that a day in the public library is all the self-medicating that I need, usually. So, if I am going to drink, I want it to be something that actually tastes good.

: One drink and you’ll wake up wearing someone else’s bra.
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Everybody Panic!

image from Dr. Jan Michels, Alfred Wegener Institute and Dr. Olga Lévai, Leica Microsytems GmbH, Germany (via Smithsonian site)By the sound of it, you would think that raw sewage was dumped into the local water supply. Whatever happened to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” The MDC reports that some darling microorganisms were found in the water supply for Hartford and other nearby towns. The news media have been passing along the message that we should boil our drinking water for one minute because of this; however, these critters have not been found to do any harm. Copepods and rotifers — while not the most delightful in appearance — are not even reported as a threat for the elderly or those with medical conditions.

If there’s no problem, then what’s the problem?

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Random Spring Photo Post

This is just a gratuitous photo blog post.
Pictured here are the gardens of two Hartford bloggers. One knows what she is doing. The other grows dirt, apparently.
This sign could use some freshening up.
This is not my beautiful tree.
And this is not my beautiful house.

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D.I.Y. Debris Removal

Last Saturday, Trinity students and community volunteers removed trash from the Flatbush Avenue/Brookfield Street area. To give you an idea of how neglected this area was, there were 8-tracks and pull-tab soda cans found, along with a purse containing an ID that expired in 2001.
If you missed the chance to help beautify Hartford, you have three more upcoming opportunities on April 25th, May 2nd, and May 9th. For more details contact the Knox Parks Foundation.

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Brand New Bodega

Vanessa Grocery on South Whitney had closed in the last year. Recently, after some much-needed remodeling, a store reopened in the same location. It’s far more presentable on the inside and outside. So, for those in the neighborhood who were lamenting the disappearance of a local (non-CVS, non-gas station) place to buy junkfood, bacon, and smokes, despair no longer.

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Discussion on Voting and Immigrants

On Cinco de Mayo the Hartford Public Library is hosting what promises to be a lively discussion:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Refreshments at 5:30 PM; Program at 6:00 PM
Hartford Public Library, 500 Main Street

Should we allow non-citizen immigrants to vote in local elections?
Hear what community members have to say and give your opinion.

Renae Reese, Connecticut Center for a New Economy
A Community Conversation
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