Shut Up!

In an episode of Sex and the City, Charlotte is receiving acupuncture therapy in an attempt to conceive. While laying in the office with the instructions to relax, all she can do is hear every sound from the street, including traffic and a protest. She freaks out about this and yells to the acupuncturist that it’s too loud for her. His response? If you live in New York City, there is going to be noise. You need to cope with that.

Hartford does not have the volume of New York City, but there is steady noise. I’ve learned to drown out most of the horns, people noise, and sirens. I’m aware of these sounds, which is not the same as being alarmed or bothered by them.

There is a point, though, when noise becomes a nuisance. (more…)

Searching for Sangria

jupiterimages.comIf someone can review gas station chicken, then it’s not too self-indulgent to blog about trying to find the best sangria in Hartford.

I’m not a wine aficionado, and I really am not much of a drinker either. But when I find something that I like, I get fixated on wanting to know where the best one (that I can afford of whatever it is) can be found. I’m like this with mocha, falafel, pizza, burritos, etc. I’m not so fixated on this one thing, though, that I necessarily can overlook everything else about an establishment. Here’s my work-in-progress list:


Free Workshops at the Studio

All this week (March 23-28) The Studio @ Billings Forge (565 Broad Street) is offering free classes. The kickoff for this was Saturday’s open house, where there was face painting, a raffle, origami-making, performances, and other child-oriented activities. To get more information on the classes or to register, contact Janice at or call 860.597.6723.

Class options listed below: (more…)


lisaandheidismallEmerging from an innovative arts residency at York Correctional Institution for women in Niantic, CT, Dreamings is a multi-arts collaborative performance piece that connects those behind bars with those who are free by exploring incarceration through the lens of dreams. Women who have completed their sentence, along with family members of those currently incarcerated, perform along side the professional company members. Their writings, along with those of the women at York, have become basis for the script, the original songs by composer Leslie Bird, and the dances by the Judy Dworin Performance Ensemble that comprise the piece.

The show runs April 2, 3, and 4th at 7:30pm. General admission is $20, seniors and Let’s Go! Members are $10, and student tickets are $5. Tickets for Dreamings can be reserved through Charter Oak’s box office by calling 860.249.1207.

Hartford Charter Revision Commission: March 19, 2009

What I am learning from attending these meetings is that legalese is every bit as convoluted as reputed to be; hence, lawyers should be as far away from writing/modifying the language of law as is humanly possible. Given that EmGee has broken issues down into plain English, I know that some lawyers are capable of clear writing and thinking.

The Charter Revision Commission took a recess to decipher the draft amendments of Chapter III of the charter; it appeared that Attorney Mednick, who was not present, had omitted some information discussed at the previous meeting. Later, Commissioner Anderson asked for Discussion Item 4 to be better explained, as the language was misleading.
Most of the meeting seemed focused on discussion of four items. (more…)