Free Film Screening: The Beautiful Washing Machine

Courtesy of Doghouse73 Pictures
The Capitol Cinema Collective will hold a free screening for their monthly program—Kino Kafé—on Tuesday, February 10, 7:30PM at La Paloma Sabanera Coffeehouse, 405 Capitol Ave., Hartford. This month is The Beautiful Washing Machine (Mei li de xi yi ji). This is a quote from David Ng’s article in The Village Voice which sums up what the film is about:

Set in present-day Malaysia, [James] Lee’s deadpan exploration of consumer anomie demands at least two viewings—the first to absorb its steady stream of hypnotic, fluorescent-lit images, and the second to parse its intersecting story lines. Teoh (Loh Bak Lai) is a bespectacled cubicle slave who decides on impulse to buy a used washing machine. The unit promptly breaks down, initiating a series of customer service calls that culminates in the appearance of a nameless young woman, who becomes his live-in maid. The movie gets weirder as the woman changes hands halfway through the story, becoming the concubine of a lonely widower. An absurdist allegory on the perils of secondhand ownership, The Beautiful Washing Machine contains Buñuelian flourishes aplenty, but its primary influence lies closer to home: The [Ming-liang] Tsai-chological pall that hangs over the quasi-mute characters is as chillingly humorous as some of the Taiwanese master’s best work.

Included in the program is one of James Lee’s experimental short films titled WALL.

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Professional Football for Hartford in October 2009?

I despise football.
Yet there is something cool about Hartford having it’s own (sort of) professional football team. After the New England Patriot’s faux pas / snubbing of Connecticut, it’s kind of satisfying to be able to metaphorically give them the finger and let them know that we are so over that and we’ve moved on.

Except that Hartford will have to share.
With New York City.

Citing the economy, the first season will feature four teams(Las Vegas/Los Angeles, New York/Hartford, Orlando and San Francisco/Sacramento), instead of the originally planned six. If all goes well, then the United Football League will expand.

When the games are in “Hartford,” they won’t be in Hartford proper. The UFL is looking at the Yale Bowl in New Haven and Rentschler Field in East Hartford as possible venues.

The stated mission of the UFL is:

To fulfill the unmet needs of football fans in major markets currently underserved by professional football by providing a high quality traditional football league comprised of world class professional football players. Continue reading “Professional Football for Hartford in October 2009?”

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“Not Going to Cut Down the At Large”

charter revision commission
An agitated Councilman Kennedy, with his back to the Charter Revision Commission mouthed that he was “not going to cut down the at large.” Continue reading ““Not Going to Cut Down the At Large””

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Calixto Torres Retains Position

The job of the City Council is to vote.
Yesterday, Veronica Airey-Wilson failed to do her job.

The message that I got from her decision to abstain was this: Airey-Wilson wants to be everyone’s friend. Airey-Wilson wants to make no enemies. Airey-Wilson is unable to summon the courage to do her job, which, by the way, requires that tough decisions be made from time-to-time. In a time of economic meltdown, in a time when many people are losing their jobs, Airey-Wilson should show a little gratitude to at least have a job by performing one of the central tasks that she is being paid to do.

Much is being made of Cotto’s vote and remarks, some of which you can read on CT News Junkie. I have to wonder if anyone on the Council cared when he announced that he was “not down with the way this is happening.” Applause or lack of in the chambers is not what I’m referring to. Did anyone else voting (or in Airey-Wilson’s case, not voting) yesterday try on some empathy? Did anyone question the unethical and painful attempt to strip someone of power when he had not shown any wrongdoing other than having poor choice in friends?

Here is the full text of the statement given by the Working Families Party (Cotto and Deutsch) regarding the attempt to remove City Council President Torres from his position yesterday:

It is time for change in Hartford. Just as change has been needed at the national level and is now happening in Washington, it has also been needed for a while here in our city – and not just for the past week. We’ve been calling for change since the day we took office.

Throughout the past week, we’ve heard many people say they want to do what is best for the City. What’s best for the city is measured in terms of the quality of life of our residents. That’s the kind of change that we need and the kind of change that we in the Working Families Party are committed to.

What is our job in city government? It is to serve the people, honestly, directly, responsively.
Continue reading “Calixto Torres Retains Position”

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Councilman Ritter’s Statement Regarding City Council President

What could Ritter possibly have to say for a whole three pages on this subject, you’re wondering? Here it is, uncut:

I would like to welcome everyone and thank everyone for being here tonight. I am encouraged by the amount of feedback I have received regarding this matter, because it demonstrates that residents care about the critical issues we will be facing over the coming weeks. These are certainly the types of situations that test our resolve and force us to dig deep for the courage to do what is right, not what is easy; to do what is necessary, not what is politically appealing.

Continue reading “Councilman Ritter’s Statement Regarding City Council President”

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